Create Solutions

Create Solutions

Create Solutions

In Zoho CRM, you can create solutions by:

  • Entering data in the solution details form: You can manually fill in the Solution details gathered from various external sources.
  • Importing solutions from external source: You can gather data through various sources and import the CSV and XLS format files into Zoho CRM.


  • Some of the standard fields may not be visible or editable depending on your organization's business process.
  • In case you want to add or modify fields, please contact your System Administrator for more details on the usage of other fields.

Create Solutions Individually

You can create solutions individually by using the following:

  • Filling in the details in the solution creation form.
  • Cloning the solution with few changes in the existing record.


  • By default, the person who creates the solution owns it.
  • To change owner, click the Change link in the Solution Owner field from the Solution Details page and select another user.

To create solutions individually

  1. In the Solutions module, click New Solution.
  2. In the Solutions Home page, enter the solution details. (Refer to the table below)
  3. Click Save.

To clone solutions

  1. Click the Solutions tab, click a particular solution that you want to be cloned.
  2. In the Solution Details page, click Clone.
  3. In the Clone Solution page, modify the required solution details. (Refer to the table below)
  4. Click Save.

List of Standard Fields

Field NameDescriptionData Type
Solution Title*Specify the subject of the solution.Text box, Alphanumeric (255)
Solution OwnerSelect the Zoho CRM user's name to which the solution is assigned.Pick list
StatusSelect the status from the listPick list
Product NameSelect the name of the product to which the solution has to be associated.Lookup
Question*Specify the Question.Text box
Answer*Specify solution details.Text box


  • You can add comments only in the edit mode.
  • The Add Comment field will not be available while creating the solution.

Attach Documents to the Solution

You can attach additional documents to the solution.

To attach documents

This feature allows you to attach documents, spreadsheets and presentations to the solution. You can attach them in the following ways:

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