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Attaching from Zoho Docs

Zoho CRM now makes it possible to attach files from Zoho Docs. With this feature, you can avoid the hassle of downloading files. You can share Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Documents and they can be collaborated in real time. You can share business information easily with instant access to files.


  • Save time by sharing documents easily.
  • Share and manage all documents, spreadsheets and presentations within the marketing, sales or support teams.
  • Have a single, final version of all documents that are shared.


Profile Permission Required: Users with the permission to Attachments in profile can access this feature.

Attach Files from Zoho Docs

To attach files from Zoho Docs

  1. Click the [Module] tab.
  2. Select a record to which you want to attach documents.
  3. In the [Module] Details page, under Attachments, click theZoho Docs link.
  4. In the Attach from Zoho Docs page, select the required document(s), spreadsheet(s) or presentation(s).
  5. Click Attach.
    The file will be available in the Attachments section.


  • The Attachments section is available in all modules except Dashboards, Reports and Forecasts.
  • You can attach a maximum of 5 files (at a time), not exceeding 5MB in total.

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