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Linking Zoho Creator Apps with CRM

Web tabs functionality can be used to access the applications created in Zoho Creator and link with the Zoho CRM data. In order to access the Creator application within Zoho CRM, design an application in Zoho Creator, add it as a web tab inside CRM and then activate to the selected user profiles. While creating the business application in Zoho Creator you can link with the CRM modules (leads, contacts, accounts, etc.). In addition, you can automatically access your secured Creator Application within CRM using Zoho Single Sign-on (both Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator support Single Sign-On).

In order to demonstrate the integration, we created a simple Travel application in Zoho Creator that helps sales people plan and log travel expenses. They can then associate them with a particular contact or account. In this application, Zoho Creator retrieves a list of accounts directly from the Account module in Zoho CRM. You can build this application easily using drag & drop tools and Deluge scripting in Zoho Creator.

Software Requirements

  • Zoho CRM - Enterprise Edition
  • Zoho Creator Paid Plan if you have more than 2 users


Follow the steps given below to link the CRM and Creator application:

  • Step 1: Build Travel Expenses App in Zoho Creator
  • Step 2: Link Travel Expenses App with Zoho CRM
  • Step 3: Access Travel Expenses App inside Zoho CRM

Step 1 - Build Travel Expenses App in Zoho Creator

  1. Open Zoho Creator .
    Since you are already logged into Zoho CRM, you will have direct access to the Zoho Creator.
  2. Build the Travel application.
  3. To retrieve a contact from Zoho CRM - Contacts module to Creator, write Deluge script as shown below:
    contactsList = zoho.crm.getRecords("Contacts");
    for each contact in contactsList
    Leads_From_CRM.add(contact.get("Last Name"));

    To learn more about CRM deluge tasks refer to this  document
  4. Share the Travel application with the selected Users.


  • Zoho Creator allows you to add 2 users and 3 applications free of cost. To add more users, you must subscribe to the paid version according to your business requirements. For information on Paid Plans, see Zoho Creator - Pricing page .
  • Users will not be able to access the application inside CRM, if it is not shared. So, you need to share the Creator application with the group of users before linking it with CRM.

Step 2 - Link Travel Expenses App with Zoho CRM

  1. Click Setup > Customization > Web Tabs.
  2. In the Web Tabs page, click Create Web Tab.
  3. Click icon to choose your Travel Expenses App from Zoho Creator.
  4. In the Creator Form Details page, select Travel.
  5. Select the profiles to activate web tab to the users.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Setup > Customization > Tabs > Organize Tabs.

    Note: Make sure that the web tab you created is listed under Selected Tabs.

  8. Click Save.
    The Travel tab will be available in your Zoho CRM account.

Step 3 - Access Travel Expenses App inside Zoho CRM

  1. Click the Travel tab.
  2. In the Travel View page, click the Add link.
  3. In the Add Record page, specify travel details, such as Type of Travel, Department, Location, Account Name and From/To Date.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The travel expense details associated with the contacts are added.

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