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  • How Zoho Uses Creator #5 - Keeping our CEO on track with intelligent workplace tech

How Zoho Uses Creator #5 - Keeping our CEO on track with intelligent workplace tech

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In the past, technology was seen as a support tool to help employees do their jobs more efficiently. Fast-forward to 2022, and tech isn't just transforming workplace—it IS the workplace. In hybrid setups, automation platforms and applications are used in many ways, company-wide; from a simple front desk application to business-critical solutions.

Our previous blogs were about how various teams across Zoho automated redundant and time-consuming processes on Creator and boosted overall productivity and efficiency. Be it human resources, marketing, content review, or project management; Creator finds a use in almost any scenario. In this blog, we're bringing you a Creator story from our CEO's office.

Whether you're at a small or large organization, a seamless visitor experience matters. How your business is perceived depends greatly on how you treat your visitors and securely manage their information. Though the simple logbook might seem like a low-cost option, it's often inefficient and unsafe.

Moving to an on-premise solution might seem like a step in the right direction, but the installation and maintenance costs can outweigh the benefits they offer. With a heightened global focus on safety and security, these outdated approaches are no longer viable.

As we begin to turn the page on the pandemic, how can organizations ensure a safe and comfortable environment for returning employees and visitors while maintaining data privacy? The answer: a customized visitor management system.

Application deep dive

While merging disparate technologies and homegrown solutions to manage visitor access is the ultimate goal, privacy and a seamless user experience are also important. Our visitor management solution built on Creator streamlines people flow and helps improve oversight.

Schedule and manage appointments easily: Visitors can request a meeting in advance by registering their details and specifying their preferred date and time. Once the request is submitted, the visitee receives an email notification containing visitor information, which is stored and accessed securely due to Creator's top-notch security protocols.

Hassle-free approval process: The admin can confirm or reschedule the meeting based on their availability. On confirmation, a personalized invite email with the meeting details is sent to the visitor. The admin can also keep track of all appointments with the calendar report.

Centralized dashboard: The dashboard consolidates relevant information and metrics in one place. It drives well-informed decision-making and reduces paperwork. The admin can approve, cancel, or reschedule appointments from the dashboard.

Streamlining previously disconnected workplaces

Adapting new technologies and adding new features to existing systems is optimal, but not if it means sacrificing process efficiency and reliability. In the new work world, technology add-ons must coexist with in-house systems and remain adaptable to growing business needs.

  • People flow intelligence: It's important to have visitor information in a single system, to manage your organization's health, safety, and security concerns. Reports and pages built on Creator merge access-control data with real-time intelligence to provide granular insights on visitor flow. Create a safe environment for your employees and visitors while ensuring data compliance.

  • Integrated platforms: Modern tech solutions shouldn't add complexity to the existing IT environment but integrate seamlessly with your workplace systems. Connecting hardware and backend tools to new services using robust APIs can help automate complex workflows and simplify your core processes.

  • One and done: Forget rebuilding for mobile or other platforms. The solutions you build on Creator are automatically available on iOS and Android devices. Employees' or visitors' mobile devices can become their digital key to access office resources. And QR code access can create a touchless user experience with built-in logging capabilities.

If the past year has taught us anything, it's that flexibility and adaptation will be key in moving forward. Enterprise organizations must leverage existing tech and find innovative ways to automate and enhance their core processes.

With this, we wrap up our five-part blog series on how different teams and departments at Zoho use Creator for their unique process needs. So do you have a business idea you'd like to automate? Look no further; Creator is the right choice for you.

Zoho Creator is a pioneer in the low-code application development space, empowering enterprises across industries for over a decade. With over 13,000 customers across the globe and over six million solutions built on the platform, Zoho Creator continues to empower digital transformations. What are you waiting for?

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