How Zoho Uses Creator #1 - Empowering human resources with tech prowess

empowering human resources with tech prowess

At Zoho, everyone uses Zoho. With the suite of cross-functional products available at our disposal, we never have to look elsewhere. From running simple surveys to streamlining complex organizational functions, Zoho has everything our business needs to run like clockwork.

As organizations scale and navigate through new norms and challenges, there's a constant need to build customizable solutions. That's why, in addition to our off-the-shelf applications, our teams use Creator, Zoho's low-code platform, to develop solutions for their every requirement.

This blog series will bring you interesting stories on how diverse teams across Zoho use Zoho Creator to automate and simplify their day-to-day processes. We're kick-starting the series today with the most people-focused department of any organization—human resources.

Zoho Creator: Adding value wherever possible

Few departments juggle as many duties or manage as much information as human resources. One of the top priorities for most HR teams in 2021 is driving change within their organizations. Recent years have pushed them to redefine themselves and play a significant role in ensuring employee responsiveness in a way that positively impacts morale, engagement, and performance. Equipped with a powerful solution builder like Creator, our HR team is ever-ready to take on these challenges.

"We always use Zoho products, and Creator has always topped the list. Whenever we identify a requirement, we immediately build the solution for it on Creator. Customization is so easy, and it integrates seamlessly with other products. Recently, we've been using it to run our vaccination drives, streamline employee data collection, and manage activities at our hub-and-spoke offices." - Dheepa Shankar, Associate HR, Zoho

Seamless: Running vaccination drives

COVID-19 vaccines were the first step in returning to life as we once knew it, or something similar. Getting these vaccines to employees and their families as quickly and safely as possible is a hurdle many organizations face.

With Creator's advanced data analytics, insight, and forecasting capabilities, our HR team can gauge demand and availability, and make informed vaccine inventory decisions. The accompanying mobile app provides employees with times, notifications of scheduled drives, and location updates.

Flexible: Geo-mapping employee data

Applications built on Creator help our team manage the constant flux of employees and their needs. They are used to add, remove, and manage all kinds of employee data from a single place. Creator's geo-tagging feature maps employee data to respective work locations, eliminating scattered and repetitive data.

Secure: Data collection and handling

Data is HR's biggest asset. With various form templates to choose from, they can easily collect, and store employee data, be it an internal performance audit, or through embedded external forms. And with Creator's robust security measures, sensitive employee data is safe from data attacks and breaches.

Change without disruption is possible

By implementing process automation into your growing business, you'll gain the chance to better the organization, streamline each process, and ensure all your systems are running smoothly—all while maintaining the core of your business.

  • Data uniformity is just an app away. Creator has built-in support for other Zoho products and comes with 500+ prebuilt connectors, making configuration with third-party applications a breeze.

  • Stay away from data silos. Improve interdepartmental consistency and transparency by easily managing uncluttered data.

  • Evaluate your business needs and projections by having relevant information all in one place.

Looking to the future

"People and Creator are the two main applications we have been using since the beginning, and we'll continue to use them both. Automation reduces the complexity of any task and saves us a lot of time. I strongly vouch for Creator, it's not very complex and can be used by almost anyone with some basic hand holding." - Dheepa Shankar, Associate HR, Zoho

In the next blog, we'll talk about how ManageEngine, Zoho's IT management division, uses Creator to automate all their marketing activities. Stay tuned!

Zoho Creator is a pioneer in the low-code application development space, empowering enterprises across industries for over a decade. With over 13,000 customers across the globe and over six million solutions built on the platform, Zoho Creator continues to empower digital transformations. What are you waiting for? Sign up now.


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