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  • Last Updated : October 12, 2023
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In this edition of the #JustLowCodeIt series, our US partner, Seashore Solutions, delves into how they addressed their client's challenges using Zoho Creator. This piece is written by KJ Mehta, CTO at Seashore Solutions, as a contribution to Creator Developers' Month. Thank you for sharing your story with us, KJ!

Seashore Solutions specializes in developing custom solutions for customers with complex business needs. Their comprehensive suite of services includes custom software solutions, product development and maintenance services, cloud application development, and re-engineering services, just to name a few. Serving as a premium Zoho Creator Partner, they boast an in-house team of experienced and certified Zoho product developers. 

They've recently created a multi-warehouse application catering to R&S Oilfield, distributors of high-quality forged carbon steel parts (API 6A). These crucial components are sourced from countries like India, China, Canada, and more. Here's their story:

Initiating the transformation: R&S Oilfield's initial outreach

The journey began with R&S Oilfield expressing a pressing need for change. Their existing system, in use for over 15 years, no longer aligned with their expanding requirements. The limitations were evident: rigid structures, cramped displays, and scattered forms. The challenges were real, and Seashore Solutions accepted the task of transforming this landscape.

Harnessing Zoho Creator's power: The Catalyst for transformation

Leveraging Zoho Creator's flexibility, Seashore Solutions developed a multi-warehouse and logistics management solution tailored to R&S Oilfield's distinct needs. This encompassed handling customers, vendors, inventory, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, payments, accounting, and more.

Navigating the challenges: From inefficiencies to scalability

The challenges R&S Oilfield faced were multifaceted. From the labor-intensive management of sales and purchase orders to the daunting task of seamlessly transitioning from an old legacy system, each hurdle brought its own set of complexities. Inefficiency, limited visibility, accuracy issues, human error, labor costs—the list was extensive. Furthermore, the cost of going with a non-Zoho custom solution was three times the price of Seashore's proposal.

Why Creator was the obvious choice

The Zoho Creator low-code development platform presented an array of advantages. It swiftly deploys features, addresses scalability requirements, seamlessly integrates with both Zoho and non-Zoho APIs, and provides holistic solutions.

Seashore's ingenious approach: Crafting solutions that matter

Through a partnership with Zoho Creator, Seashore Solutions introduced a warehouse industry application designed to operate in alignment with their needs:

  1. Omnichannel integrations
  2. Warehouse layout planning
  3. Virtual inventory visibility
  4. Labor management
  5. Yard management
  6. Price optimization
  7. Cross-docking
  8. Inventory and demand forecasting
  9. Dimension weight calculations
  10. Automated labelling
  11. Payment term analysis
  12. Clustering supplier performance analysis

Navigating complexity with precision

The business analysts at Seashore Solutions studied the client's existing system in detail and devised a comprehensive development and deployment strategy. For R&S Oilfield, the process entailed estimating, converting to sales orders, and packaging for delivery, all while running their current business. The unique challenge emerged when the sales team modified an estimate, necessitating corresponding changes across all related forms, orders, pick lists, and packaging.

Empowering users, streamlining operations

With the newly implemented platform, users gained the capability to efficiently manage multiple warehouses, track inventory, handle sales and purchase components, oversee accounts receivable and payable, and facilitate customer and vendor changes. The platform's scalability empowered the client to seamlessly adapt to increasing demand, while enabling data sharing with key stakeholders and integrating multiple apps for streamlined operations. This led to the recognition that the product could be expanded for utilization by other warehouse management firms.

A message to aspiring Zoho Creator developers

Seashore Solutions wholeheartedly recommends Zoho Creator as a premier low-code platform. Its ability to simplify development while offering robust capabilities for intricate applications is unparalleled. Modifying Zoho Creator applications, even in a live environment, is an achievable feat. Additionally, Zoho Creator's potential extends beyond standard forms and reports, encompassing widgets that empower developers to create tailored UI and functionality, all while leveraging the platform's security controls, integrations, data management, sharing, and backup features.

Throughout this month, we'll be bringing you more interesting stories, so keep checking back and help celebrate International Programmers' Day with us!

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