On A Spree: Exciting New Features Added To Zoho Sites, Again!

Exciting it is, as we again have the good news to share with our users. After a few months of hard work, last week we released five new features in Zoho Sites. And going forward we have added more than five this week too. Let’s take a look at these newbies.


Move or Copy Design Elements

Copying and moving web page elements or page design is the most common practice while we create web pages. So with this new update, we have made it so simple, in fact just a click away for you to move or copy page design/elements across pages. For instance, you can copy a table layout from a source page to any other page with this move/copy button.

Page Specific Header & Footer Code

It allows you to embed and keep some widgets specific to a page. For example, if you want to keep a chat box only on the contact us page or any such widgets that is page specific, you can do that using this new page specific header or footer code.

Pages Without Navigation

Now you can hide all those navigation elements on a web page to make it look entirely independent. That way you can create separate pages like campaign, landing pages or pages for promotions that you do not want to link to any other page.

Images of All Sizes

Pictures go hand in hand with your web page content. They have the power to fuel audience emotions. That’s why they should fit and complement the web page content and design. With Image Resizer, you can now easily drag the image to any size that provides your page design preferences.

New Fonts, Button Anchor, and More

We have added a few more features like button anchor and fonts. The button anchor helps you link a part of your site content to another page or site. We have also added three more Chinese fonts to our font list in this update.

So, check these new additions in your favorite builder and give your website a renewed look. Stay tuned for more updates, and write to us at support@zohosites.com if you have any queries or feedback.


1 Replies to On A Spree: Exciting New Features Added To Zoho Sites, Again!

  1. I'm a big fan of Zoho and all its services, but looking for some further features in Zoho Sites. 1. Have a onepager / multipager theme. I've been trying to make it look alike with the current themes using the highlight boxes but it didnt really look good. 2. Have a feature / pricing chart to display different plans/programs that can be inserted and filled manually, just like you have at every one of your products. 3. Icons list: There are so many lists for free online, but its always a hassle to download and insert them manually. Also fits perfectly to the onepager themes. Regards Would be glad if you could introduce that

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