Unsplash— free stock image integration for Zoho Sites

Images can be a wonderful way to help create perception and provide context to what your website is about via visuals. Displaying beautiful imagery also makes your website look professional and helps you achieve a memorable online presence.

A common problem you may face while creating your website is presenting a plethora of content without enough visuals to support it. Hiring a professional photographer would help solve this problem, but you may not have the time or money to do so.

Though it’s best to use original photography to portray what you do, if it’s not professional, you’d be better off finding professional-looking stock images that work with your content.

Great stock images for free with the Unsplash integration

Zoho Sites’ new integration with Unsplash, one of the world’s leading stock image suppliers, means you can add beautiful, professionally photographed images to your website for free. Access over 1 million high quality photos right from your Zoho Sites website builder.

Unsplash is an online community of over 110,000 photographers from around the world. Each photo credit links to the photographer’s Unsplash profile, allowing you to view their other contributions and perhaps find more related photos.

Let’s say you are creating a website for a school—you can easily find and add stock images of teachers, students, and other academic-related situations using Unsplash rather than scouring the internet for stock images.

Apart from creating stunning final websites, designers can use these photos to complete mock websites so clients can visualize what their site would look like with real content.

To continue growing your online presence, it’s vital to update your content regularly so visitors keep coming back for more. Unsplash will help keep your site looking fresh and vibrant with every update you make.

Thinking about creating a website? Try Zoho Sites today with a free trial.


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