Customize your website with precision using Zoho Sites' new Style Editor

Zoho Sites’ goal is to simplify the design process by providing tools that help you customize your site instantly. You might already be familiar with tools like the visual editor, elements, and pre-built section, which make site designing a breeze. Now we’ve taken customization to the next level with a tool that rolls design, flexibility, and simplicity into one.

With our new Style Editor, we’ve ensured every element comes with its own set of customizable design tools, empowering you to take full control of your site design.

Initially, this level of design customization could only be done using the CSS editor, which requires technical knowledge. But unless you have a web designer on staff, it doesn’t make financial sense to hire one to tweak only a couple of elements.

Now you don’t have to depend on anyone but yourself to create the most intricate style customizations. The Style Editor provides options to customize the background, typography, border, shadow, and spacing of every element on your page.

A closer look at Zoho Sites’ Style Editor tools: 


Change the background style and color of the element.


Customize the font style, size, letter case, shadow, and color. You can also adjust the space between each line and character.


Add borders of different styles and colors. You can even choose a border for all sides and edit their radiuses.


Add shadows to your element. Specify if the shadow should be offset, inset, or both. Customize the axis, blur, and spread of the shadow.


Add padding and margins. Padding helps space the components within that element, while margins create space around the element.

Note: Each of these tools is equipped with a reset button, so feel free to experiment with various combinations.

Take control of your site design and build the website of your dreams. Try the Style Editor on Zoho Sites today!


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  1. Nice Idea...! So, the user can edit their own site by themselves. But have you provide a full functional typo model in this style editor..? Because I see only font style, size, case, shadow, and color.

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