Design your website with our Advanced Visual Editor

The journey towards creating your website is rather straight-forward. As far as the content of your website is concerned, you need to:

  • Choose a template

  • Produce content that portrays what you do

  • Design and arrange your content so users can understand your brand and business

The first two steps of the content creation process are simple enough. You choose a theme that best suits your line of business. Then you identify your angle and what objective your content should convey.

The final step, however, may prove to be a little tricky. That’s why Zoho Sites provides tools such as Elements and Sections to help you easily build, structure, and customize your content.

Apart from these layouts providing a designed and stylized way of portraying your content, we also provide a Visual Editor. This tool lets you customize the way your website looks and operates. You can individually customize the color scheme and layouts for the header, banner, blog list, and blog post portions of your website.

We’ve taken the need for customization and pushed it one step further by creating the Advanced Visual Editor, which combines the functionalities of the customization tool box along with ease of application of the Visual Editor. You can now implement customizations that would usually require extensive coding—all with just the click of a button.

For example, when we look at the settings available for the heading element, we see that we can modify individual heading properties.

With the Advanced Visual Editor, you can change the aspects of every heading tag throughout your website.

Modifications made to the element and header properties will be applied site-wide based on the property you are editing.

The customizations applied to each property can be previewed instantly and reset as required.

Try the Advanced Visual Editor on Zoho Sites today to design websites that suit your unique brand.


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