The Working from Home Guide: Remote Collaboration with Show

The current COVID-19 pandemic has made remote work the norm. But, the real question is, “Can the lack of commuting and convenience of working from home match the in-office productivity?” 

Many companies, including ours, have encouraged employees to work from home by default to counter the outbreak of Corona. Fortunately, as Zoho’s products are based on the goal of revitalizing business collaboration, it was easy for us to adapt to working as separate units.

But when it comes to presentation tools, the challenges while working remotely gets even more intriguing.

That’s due to the fact that companies and organizations often utilize slides as a means of selling their creative solutions. Whether it’s a product pitch, employee onboarding and training, or company townhalls, a strong presentation becomes a fundamental catalyst to communicate the intended messages effectively.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve crafted a quick guide to effectively utilize Zoho Show for remote teamwork without hampering productivity.

Real-time collaboration for remote teams

Known for its collaborative prowess, Show offers a cohesive eco-system for teams to nurture their ideas together and deliver them on the move.

Collaborate on slides in real-time

Start by adding your team members to your slide creation process and assign individuals with necessary permissions. Watch your team’s changes reflected instantly as they are made.

Multiple people working on a single slide at times can lead to uncoordinated edits and even accidental data loss. With Show’s version history, you can simply search for the desired version chronologically and restore it.

Seamless communication

Collaboration is impossible without communication. Show comes with built-in smart chat capabilities, which offers an efficient channel for team conversations.

Exchange ideas using the inbuilt smart chat

Discuss, brainstorm and resolve issues without a hitch. Using “@” mention to ensure recipients don’t miss out on important messages.

Remote broadcasting and publishing

This is where Show goes beyond an ordinary presentation tool by offering a platform for presenters to broadcast slides to a remote audience. 

Geography is no barrier with Show’s broadcasting capabilities

It doesn’t matter if your attendees are next door or miles away, anyone can be invited to join your broadcast.

Coupled with Show’s Publish feature, embed your presentations on any website, blog, and social media. Expand the reach of your ideas by anchoring them online and make your messages better understandable by adding transcripts.

Secure file sharing

Instead of attaching large files to emails, simply share your presentations as a link with internal teams, or external stakeholders.

Share/Publish presentations effortlessly

Use Lock slide feature to restrict any unauthorized edits. This helps you share a presentation without losing your data.

Hope this blog was helpful to you and before concluding keep in mind if you want to collaborate effectively as a remote team, it’s more than just the processes – it’s actually the tool that makes the difference.

If you aren’t using Show yet, you can create your Zoho account for free and get started instantly.

Stay safe. Happy presenting… 


Get the complete remote working tool kit with Zoho Remotely: you can now use Zoho Show alongside the suite of products that’ll power you and your team to maintain a close-knit and productive working environment. Zoho is offering Remotely for free to help organizations who choose to work remotely during the COVID-19 crisis.

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