How to make important website content stick

A substantial amount of planning goes into crafting the right content for your website. 
After all, it is important that your online presence effectively conveys your brand’s key messages. Once you identify what these messages are, your next step is to decide how to present them.

The content on most websites is segmented into sections and spread across multiple pages. While this layout works fine, it demands the user’s time and effort to view all the content. There is also a chance that important content could go unnoticed.

Sticky content is a way to ensure your key messages get the attention you want. Making content sticky means you fix certain sections and elements on your page so that they follow as the user scrolls. These elements can include headers, offers, navigation bars, and more.

There are multiple ways making your content sticky can help boost the effectiveness of your website. Here are a few:

  • Creatively displaying your content
    Enhance your website’s visual appeal by using element stickiness to save page space and create a minimalist design.

  • Making lists
    Create various types of lists and have the critical content remain fixed. This helps maintain the context of the items listed so visitors will understand their relevance.

  • Highlighting specific content
    Display an example, menu, or image and then have the remaining content conveniently scroll along. This allows your audience to quickly access or reference important content.

Making elements sticky means you can now alter how your website appears and operates by creatively displaying content in a way that is intuitive and enhances your visitor experience.

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