Secure your content with Password Protection

Password protection is a convenient way for website owners to restrict the access of any users viewing their site. Let’s say you’re publishing a confidential website you don’t want the public to see. You can enable password protection to hide the pages and files in your website. This password can be provided to any users who are allowed to access this content.

Zoho Sites now provides website password protection, one of our most sought-after features. You can now restrict access to pages and files by simply enabling passwords for them.

Here are a few other scenarios where you can use password protection:


Create a site for personal reasons and share it with an exclusive group. An example of this might be a website built just for friends and family with protected pages where they can share pictures and have discussions.


Create an area on your site that can only be accessed by paying members. This might come in handy for a company like an exclusive gym or spa or any other organization that offers different access at various price points.

Sensitive content

Password protect content that is not suitable for all audiences. This will help you hide pages that are inappropriate for younger audiences. You can also protect the pages you’ve written that are not ready to share with everyone.

Internal communication

Build a site that provides educational material and resources for your class. Share the password with students to provide content with restrictive access.

Private sales 

If you are an artist or photographer, you can upload your work on your website and share it with clients. This is convenient as you don’t need to upload your work on a random cloud storage provider.

Password Protection

It’s definitely not necessary for you to password protect every site you build, but rest assured that the option is available any time you feel the need to add that extra layer of protection to your site. The best part about enabling password protection on your Zoho Sites website is that it doesn’t require any plugin or setup procedures. Build sensational, stunning, and secured websites on Zoho Sites today! Visit to learn more.


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