Get more done on the move with Zoho Sheet's mobile applications

Having an online spreadsheet application should drive your team’s productivity by reducing the time and effort spent. This means having an application that’s both easy to use and powerful.

We’ve worked on making Zoho Sheet for mobile an application that keeps up with your busy work schedule. Today, we’ll take you through a few features you’d find useful, including the most recent ones we’ve developed for our Android and iOS applications.

Getting started with spreadsheets on smart phones 

Now you can open any spreadsheet file you have saved in your phone with Zoho Sheet. Our compatibility lets you open Excel files without any hassle and start working on them right away. You can even open these files without having to log in to your Zoho account.

Data analysis done in a jiffy

Having a handy data analyst will help you stay on top of your game. Use Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, to get recommended charts and pivot tables for your data and to visualize it in an instant. You can now conditionally format a range using the Classic Conditional Formatting and Color Scales options in Zoho Sheet’s mobile applications as well.



Handy toolbars for a better experience 

Zoho Sheet’s quick functions tool bar makes it easier to run computational analysis on large sets of data. Apart from the functions in our gallery, you can also build any function, from basic computations to array functions so you can conduct extended calculations in our iOS application.



Putting contextual integration to the best use

Cells formatted as phone numbers and email addresses will now offer the option for you to pick and insert contacts and mail addresses from your phone books and your Zoho account. You can also call phone numbers and locate zip codes from within the app. All you have to do is tap on the cell and click on the contextual “Call” or “Pin” icon. These integration extend to cells with dates as well, where you will have an option to set a reminder by tapping on the date.



Spreadsheets here are truly mobile

Zoho Sheet’s mobile app lets you share your spreadsheet with collaborators and work together. You can add collaborators to the sheet or get a sharable link of the spreadsheet right from the listing page. From exporting the sheet to printing the sheet, Zoho Sheet has made it easy to share your work.

So whether you’re creating a spreadsheet, running a sound analysis on the data, or sharing your work with the team, Zoho Sheet’s mobile applications can help you accomplish more on the go in less time. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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