The all new ContactManager takes the cake!

You enter your favorite café. You are greeted with the same familiar warm smile! “The usual?” you are asked. You smile in agreement, and get yourself seated in your favorite seat overlooking the driveway. Within a few minutes of comfortable wait, there comes your favorite expresso, along with a copy of the Times “Here you go, sir! Double Shot, just the way you like it!” You smile, totally wondering which is a more pleasant experience – sipping your favorite coffee from your favorite café, or the warmth with which you are being treated! Every single time!

I asked myself this question: When was the last time someone connected with me on a personal note? When was the last time I was greeted with such a warm smile? Well, I realized I have to take you back in time. My time, from my childhood!


Our neighborhood baker knew my family well. My father would just say “the usual” and the baker would give us bread for the day. He knew that we preferred french bread on weekends, and would take the necessary care to make sure it was there during weekends. We never had to tell him anything, he knew us so well. He’d quietly gift us some muffins whenever there was a family occasion. Everyone in the bakery knew everyone in the neighborhood. We might not have known many people or had many contacts during those days. But the ones we knew, we knew them well. Very well!

In this day and age, we know many more people and we have many more contacts. But do we know them well enough? Do we know our customers well enough? Do we know our customers as thoroughly as the baker knew his customers? Our task is much more difficult than the baker’s because we need to know many more people. We could surely use some help. A contact management tool, perhaps? Such a tool can help us maintain contacts in a streamlined fashion and keep track of customer interactions, which helps us serve our customers better. This, in turn, translates to improved customer retention and better word-of-mouth resulting in a positive business impact. More importantly, it can help us thrill our customers.

I’ve been able to remember this baker for two decades because I’m a thrilled customer, which means he’s a fantastic businessman. Imagine what more he could do if only he had  Zoho ContactManager? More so, now with its enhanced user experience and thoughtful new features. You might want to try it out, if you want your customers to write a story like this about you and your business.

Discover a whole new way to manage your business contacts and consistently stay relevant to their needs and wants with the all new ContactManager.



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