Zoho ContactManager integrates with Outlook to bring seamless access to contacts and emails

If you use Microsoft Outlook to handle your emails and another application for contact management, you have to spend  time switching between tabs just to read emails, update tasks for a contact, and so on. If you spend an average of 5 minutes for one contact and you repeat this for around 10 contacts a day, you are spending about 4 hours a week, merely switching tabs. Just imagine the business you could have generated if you had spent all that time on fulfilling orders and addressing customer grievances instead of on switching tabs.


The goal of the new integration released for Zoho ContactManager is to improve the efficiency of your business and foster team productivity. With this integration, all you have to do to work with your contacts and emails in one place is connect to your Outlook account in a single click. All your contacts and emails from Outlook are synced with Zoho ContactManager. 

The following features are the highlights of this integration.                                                                                                                        

Import and sync your contacts from Outlook.

Once you connect your Outlook account with Zoho ContactManager, all your contacts from Outlook will be imported to ContactManager. This includes all the notes associated with  your contacts.

The contacts are updated and synced both ways. This means that a newly added contact in Zoho ContactManager is automatically updated in Outlook in real time, and vice-versa. You can directly create a contact from any new email received using the create contact option present in the Email module.

Easily keep track of all emails to and from customers.

One of the advantages of this new integration is that the Emails module in Zoho ContactManager becomes your new inbox. You get notified of new emails and have the option to respond to them immediately.

Clicking on the Emails sub-tab when browsing through a contact’s details presents you with all past email correspondences that you’ve had with that particular contact.

Import your team from Office 365 to collaborate better.

The integration lets you import your team from Office 365 and offers access to several of Zoho ContactManager’s collaborative features to improve efficiency and team productivity. Communicate with your team, assign tasks, set reminders, and control your reps’ access to customer data through role-based hierarchy. In addition, your team can keep you updated on the status and progress of deals, and even notify you about the acquisition of new contacts.


Get your emails and contacts in one place with the integration between Outlook and Zoho ContactManager.


16 Replies to Zoho ContactManager integrates with Outlook to bring seamless access to contacts and emails

    1. Hey there, I'm terribly sorry but we currently donot have tele-support for Zoho ContactManager but if you have any queries regarding the service, please write to us at support@zohocontactmanager.com and we'll be more than happy to walk you through the ins and outs of Zoho ContactManager.

    1. Good day Taj, Yes, you would be correct in that regards. Integrating your Outlook to Zoho ContactManager lets you send and receive emails through Zoho ContactManager itself, so you needn't have to open separate tabs to login and access your Outlook Mail service. Hope this helps clear your queries.

  1. Does integrating Zoho Contact manager with Outlook means that all the mails will be sent and received through Zoho instead of outlook.

    1. Good day Taj, Sorry for the late reply. I just rejoined the company after finishing up my internship. To answer your question, yes. Once you integrate your Outlook account with Zoho ContactManager, all emails sent to your Outlook email can be accessed directly from the e-mails module in Zoho ContactManager.

  2. Is there a way to integrate Contact Manager with Outlook without importing the thousands of contacts that I don't need? We have 5 users and we don't want to mix all our Outlook contacts together within Contact Manager. I've got about 2,000 Outlook contacts I'd like to delete from Contact Manager permanently. I wish I'd had more info on how the integration works before I clicked Continue!!

    1. Good day Aida, First of all, I would like to apologize for the late reply. To answer your question, you can prevent the contact sync clicking the "choose folder" and unchecking "contacts" before hitting continue. This will prevent all your contacts from being imported to Zoho ContactManager from Outlook. To delete contacts, go to the contacts tag in Zoho ContactManager (Incase you have already imported your OUtlook Contacts) Select all the ones you don't need, click on the "Bulk Action" tab and just select delete. This should delete all the contacts you had selected.

  3. Hello! This is a great article. I have a question. I am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (desktop application) with an exchange server for my email. Is it possible to have the same integration as 365?

    1. Good day Evan, To answer your question, this integration is for Outlook mail in general. Be it a standalone application or as a part of the Office 365 package. Once you log into Zoho ContactManager, you'll be asked if you wish to import contacts from other services. Just select Outlook Mail from the list, type in your Outlook credentials and all your contacts and emails from Outlook will be imported to Zoho ContactManager and you can read and reply to all your emails from the email module of Zoho ConactManager. And If you face any difficulties please write to us at support@zohocontactmanager.com

  4. I'm new to Zoho ContactManager. I'm feeling lost because of a lack of tutorials, videos or manuals. It seems that everything must be learned by trial and error. What resources are available. All I can see is a very few FAQs, a Forum, and one webinar. Is there more? While I like this write up of yours, a video showing how this works would be very helpful.

  5. I am n ot getting it. How is this different then Zoho Crm I am using now. Also I have a connection with outlook at the present time.

    1. Hi Gary, To answer your question, this Integration is solely for Zoho ContactManager. So Zoho CRM users are not affected by this any way. This is meant for the people who use Outlook for Email management and a separate software for contact management. This integration is introduced to bypass the use of multiple software for email and contact management, and let users access both at the same place namely Zoho ContactManager. Hope that answered your question.

      1. Thanks for the explanation. I migrated fron ACT and used outlook as my email. I still have out look and all my mail cone into Zoho as well as I use outlook for a backup just for email. There are features there I use from time to time that Zoho does not have.

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