Zoho ContactManager teams up with Google Apps

We know how you feel. You start a business with a single system for all your contacts, preferably Google Contacts. You watch your business prosper, all your efforts come true and finally, there comes a day when you need a contact manager. High five! At this point, you start your relationship with us, Zoho ContactManager and decide that this is the right contact management tool, which fits your business needs. Everything is going great, and you start with a blank slate and a brand new contact manager. But as they say – old habits, die hard. All the contacts you have gathered over the years, they would look great in your brand new contact manager. Don’t you think?

But, I cannot spare the time or effort to copy all these contacts!

We know what you are thinking – ”Pfft. This is just a piece of cake. I could take a walk around the park. Probably, find some lads who are more than eager to earn a quick buck on the side and get them to do the job”. 

Stop. Just stop. Look at yourself.

Before you get such ideas and land yourself in some serious trouble, allow us to retaliate. We read your minds, and we’ve got your back. Behold – Google Apps Integration!

What exactly is Google Apps integration? And why do I need this integration?

When your valuable business contacts are cluttered in two different locations, finding the right information at the right time becomes cumbersome. Can you imagine your employees constantly bouncing back and forth between browser tabs to do a bunch of tasks? We’re sure you would agree – such fissures in your workflow can be completely unproductive. To fix your woes, Zoho ContactManager has joined hands with Google to bring you the best of both worlds. Bring your Google data inside Zoho ContactManager and streamline your contacts, users, and tasks.

That’s cool. But what’s in it for me?

Anything which stands between you and your productivity is a roadblock. Here are some of the common pitfalls that might sound familiar, and here’s how Zoho ContactManager integrated with Google Apps could save your day.

1. Keeping track of contacts, tasks, and users across Google apps and Zoho ContactManager is error-prone and confusing. We often end up making multiple entries, or even worse – dealing with outdated data 

Zoho ContactManager synchronizes with Google applications seamlessly and keeps your data up-to-date. In other words, all your existing Google data (users, contacts, and tasks) show up in Zoho ContactManager. When you add a new contact or make a change in Google Contacts, it  reflects in Zoho ContactManager instantly. It also works the other way around. Just set it synced and forget it.

2. With an ever-expanding amount of mails in our Google inbox, we often find it difficult to keep record of customer mails and keeping them synced with our clients when we need it the most. Moreover, having our customer data and sales histories separated from our customer mails often results in disoriented customer data. 

Zoho ContactManager ensures that you stay updated all the time by re-routing your Google mails, straight to your inbox. We also put in a bunch of time-savers to streamline your productivity, which enables you to:

  • Reply, forward, and compose mails to your clients from your inbox directly.

  • Add contacts from your mails to your contact list in a single click.

  • Add content from your mails as tasks and assign them to your workforce.

  • Create contacts and add them directly to your favorite Google groups, in one go.

  • Click a contact and view the history of email interactions and tasks associated with it automatically.

These nifty features will bring switching between browser tabs to a halt, thus enabling your staff to save time and respond to customer queries quickly.

3. How can I share my contacts, tasks and customer data with my co-workers? Cooperating with my colleagues and tracking our conversations with clients is utmost vital.

Your workforce is not a one-man army, but rather a team of people working collaboratively. Google Contacts and Mail are a great combo for individuals. But frankly, its just not the right deal for businesses, due to its lack of collaboration features. When coupled with Zoho ContactManager, all your contacts and tasks from Google can be shared with your organization users, as per their hierarchical roles.

One Contact Management application to rule them all. 
Let’s switch to a serious tone before we take off. Businesses of today require collaboration over the cloud and syncing across multiple platforms to be flexible. With Google being the obvious giant of all web-based platforms, its mandatory for every contact management solution to offer a solution for integration, and that’s exactly what we did.  

Are you ready to connect Zoho ContactManager with Google? Download Zoho ContactManager App from Google Marketplace here. Try it now and let us hear what you think.


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