Zoho reinvents its cloud storage with WorkDrive

Zoho Docs passes on the baton to Zoho WorkDrive. With 10 years of experience and petabytes of cloud data under our belts, we’ve had the opportunity to observe first-hand how millions of people create, use, and share data on the cloud. Not only has this given us crucial insights into how to store, structure, and protect your files, it's also shown us how work itself is evolving. With those insights in mind, we’ve completely rebuilt our product to reflect the changing conditions of the modern workplace.

The biggest change seeks to support the collaborative way most people work today. WorkDrive has been designed from the bottom up to serve the needs of the team as a cohesive work unit. Team-wide collaboration, sharing, and distribution of content—from draft to final copy—is built into the product explicitly. A range of collaboration tools, such as drafting, notifications, commenting, and activity tracking, enable joint work.

That joint work happens best when the system gets out of the way and lets people do their jobs. To minimize bottlenecks and empower employees, WorkDrive prioritizes self-management. By setting up policies governing permissions and access control at the outset, a team can define the parameters for ongoing collaborative work, requiring no additional supervision and avoiding continuous intervention and management by system admins.

With the structure of the team in place, WorkDrive then equips employees with the tools they need to get their work done. More than just a file storage platform, WorkDrive comes with a full-featured cloud Office Suite that includes a spreadsheet app (Zoho Sheet), a document editor (Zoho Writer), and presentation software (Zoho Show). With these sophisticated tools, WorkDrive teams can create complex and attractive business documents—like financial plans, contracts, and marketing presentations—by working together from start to finish.

WorkDrive also offers a desktop app that lets you sync files to multiple computers, edit them offline, and perform complete or partial syncs back to the cloud. This, along with native mobile iOS and Android apps, enables work and engagement from any device or location—on the ground or in the air.

Past approaches to cloud storage and sharing were built around an individual user. We, however, went about reinventing this category. Rather than tacking collaboration features onto a product designed for personal use, we've built WorkDrive from the ground up to provide all organizations with a true content collaboration platform in every sense.

WorkDrive will become the underlying file management system across all Zoho business applications, allowing for unified search, single storage, contextual integration, as well as many other vertically integrated capabilities. It is also part of Zoho One and Zoho Workplace.

WorkDrive is set up for modern teams whether they're made up of all the members of a small business or small subset of a much larger enterprise. The user experience is simple, yet powerful, with a strong focus on presenting the right information and options at the right time.

Drop the box and drive your work with Zoho WorkDrive!


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  1. Another path breaking product from Zoho Is there anything that is not yet in Zoho? Proud of the teams that work behind the scenes that create amazing world class products that dont burn a hole in your pocket. Hats off to the entire team

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