Smarter multilingual support for your help desk agents

It doesn’t matter how great your customer support team is, they can't help your customers if they don’t speak the same language as them.

The problem is that it’s incredibly difficult to cover all the languages your customers might speak.

You can try to use online machine translation, but it’s not reliable enough to use to talk to your customers when they need your help.

You could try to hire and train agents who speak every language you might need, but that is very expensive, and impractical if you have unpredictable ticket volumes.

Unbabel for Zoho Desk means that you can stop worrying about language in your customer support, and focus on what you do best: helping your customers.

How does it work?  

From your customers’ perspective, nothing changes. They just email your support team in their native language.

Agents receive the instant translation inside Zoho Desk, processed by Unbabel’s powerful and domain-adapted Machine Translation engines.

They then write their reply as normal, and click “Send with Unbabel."

When they click that button, Unbabel automatically translates your agent’s message, then sends it to a verified speaker of both languages to ensure that the message is correct. Once that has happened, the message is automatically sent to your customer and they receive a helpful reply in their native language. All this in a matter of seconds!

More languages, happier customers  

Customers are much happier when they can communicate in their native language. Providing multilingual support increases CSAT, and can also increase revenue by retaining and upselling to happier customers.

Unbabel can also improve CSAT by allowing your best agents speak to the whole world. Many Unbabel clients have found that agents with Unbabel have higher CSAT than agents working in their own language. For example, easyJet’s CSAT is 4.2% higher for languages it supports with Unbabel than those it provides with native speakers.

Getting smart about translation  

When language isn’t a consideration, you can completely reimagine how you organize your support team. This operational flexibility means that you can eliminate bottlenecks in your support queues, locate your team in the place that makes the most sense for your organization, or completely rethink how you can provide the best experience for your customers while also reducing the costs of your operation.

Sound like yourself in every language  

Unbabel’s intensive linguistic onboarding process means that your brands and key terms are always translated exactly the way that you want them to be. It also ensures that your tone of voice in each language reflects how you like to talk to your customers, something that’s impossible to control with generic machine translation.

Fully integrated into Zoho Desk  

Unbabel for Zoho Desk means that you can use the full power of Unbabel’s translation without changing your Zoho Desk workflow. There’s almost no training needed, so you can become multilingual in minutes.

Get started  

Some of the world’s biggest companies, including Microsoft,, and Expedia trust Unbabel to translate their customer emails every day. Visit our website to learn more about Unbabel for Zoho Desk.

Or, click here to get started with Unbabel for Zoho Desk immediately!



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