Elevate your email marketing stack—integrate with HubSpot, Wistia, Unbounce, and Zoho Backstage 

Just like we recently stepped into advanced automation with trigger-based visual workflows, e-commerce email marketing by integrating with Shopify and Zoho Commerce, and app-linking provision with Zapier’s capabilities, we’ve got more big news!

Zoho Campaigns now provides an extended multi-platform connection through its latest integration with HubSpot, Unbounce, Wistia, and Zoho Backstage. 

Get into event and video email marketing while easily generating leads using your website forms and syncing data from your CRM system—with Campaigns,  do it all!

Here’s a walkthrough of how you can leverage the potential of each of these platforms:


Setting up your sales nurture journey, post-purchase follow-ups, or customer retention workflows doesn’t have to be cumbersome anymore—pull customer information from your HubSpot account into Zoho Campaigns’ mailing lists in just one step. With our wide range of workflows, email campaigns, and drip nurture series, you can pick a campaign of your choice and maintain your sales engagement on the go.


Vlogs, tutorials, testimonials, presentations, live recordings, interview series—video offers a whole new dimension with its breadth of options. 83% of the marketers believe in video’s importance, so Zoho Campaigns’ connect with Wistia is sure to benefit you.

Import videos from your Wistia account and embed them in your email campaigns when you set them up. Knowing who engaged with your videos will help you send actionable and targeted emails for further conversion. Video email marketing made simple!


Websites and landing pages are crucial drivers of leads and play an important role in email marketing. Our integration with Unbounce helps you directly sync contacts who sign up via Unbounce pages and forms into Campaigns’ mailing lists, helping you simplify your recipient selection.

Zoho Backstage 

The next time you’ve got a big event to promote, Zoho Campaigns’ integration with our in-house event management app, Zoho Backstage, comes in handy. Pre-event and post-event follow-up emails or reminders boost engagement with your registrants and attendees, helping you build a community that looks forward to your upcoming events.

Enjoy setting up your email stack with our latest integrations and stay tuned for our future updates.


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