EMM in Cliq — Secure Your Business Collaboration With Mobility Management

Your business chat app is your team's central place to share conversations and decisions, files and images, data insights from integrations with external apps, and more. With your employees communicating from a host of devices (laptops, mobiles, tablets, even smart watches), data control and security should be a top priority for your business chat app.

 Zoho Cliq is Enterprise Team Communication software at the top of its game. With its versatile, enterprise-grade tools and security controls, Cliq is crafted to fit all your business needs.

The newest tool in Cliq’s arsenal: Enterprise Mobility Management

No matter how big or small your business, it is important to ensure your team’s information is readily accessible and shared securely across devices, both company and employee-owned. To achieve this, Cliq provides mobile app-specific configurations and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) configurations to support both small organizations and large enterprises.

You can deploy secure EMM configurations through your EMM provider. Cliq integrates seamlessly with top EMM providers ManageEngine MDM, MobileIron, IBM MaaS360 and other services as well.

Apart from EMM configs, you can also deploy role based mobile configurations in Admin Panel for security measures like restricting your employees from accessing Cliq on certain devices or disabling file downloads, file sharing, copying text, and even restricting voice message on their devices. By implementing these measures, you can preserve your organization’s data and privacy in a secure environment, regardless of the mobile device and location of your employees.

Cliq values your safety and prioritizes your security 

 With cloud storage replacing traditional storage methods, it’s crucial for any organization to implement and follow robust data security measures. As a team chat app, it is equally important that Cliq provides the best security layers to safeguard your confidential information.

 > Data-sharing Consent 

 Cliq helps you stay on top of data privacy by alerting you and asking for consent whenever your data will be accessed by third party apps. For example, when executing a command that sends your data to a third party app, or to translate messages through a translation server, Cliq will ask for your consent to share data with a pop-up box.

> TFA, Password Policies, Accessible IPs

Cliq offers  a second layer of security through Two Factor Authentication (TFA), which will prevent others from trying to access the account.You can also set your own organization-wide password strength policy to ensure your employees do not set weak passwords.

If you must prevent  highly critical teams from accessing organization data over outside networks, owing to their confidential work, then Cliq’s IP range is the perfect feature for you. You can restrict the accessibility of Cliq to defined IP ranges for either selected team members or the entire organization.

> Roles and permissions 

 For a business with numerous teams, roles, and designations, it is vital to ensure only the right members have access to certain tools to preserve your organization’s core integrity. Create custom roles in Cliq and assign permission controls for a number of actions in Cliq, like deleting channels, making video calls, establishing connections with third-party tools, and more.

> Secret Chat 

Whether you're having a quick chat with your employee on their performance or a highly confidential conversation with your CEO, protect your information by turning off the chat history. The conversations will disappear once the chat window is closed and are not stored in chat history!

Make Cliq your own: tailor it to your needs

No matter what field and business model, a growing business needs an equally adaptive team communication software which can be molded to fit your organization's requirements.

> Fine-tuned controls 

Say your business model requires no video calls to be placed from Cliq, or you want to restrict employees from deleting messages that were sent. With Cliq, you can easily disable or enable entire modules as necessary.

You can also restrict users from joining the external channels of other organizations, disable secret chat and set permissions based on roles of users. There are extensive settings available to secure your employees' Cliq experience. 

> Infuse the spirit of your brand

Customize Cliq to reflect your brand’s spirit and identity with a custom domain and email address. You can even replace Cliq’s logo and browser favicon with your own to reinforce the voice of your brand.



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