Enterprise chat app made for scale

Large, successful companies are constantly evolving and becoming more flexible. It's important to have an enterprise chat app that fits your niche business requirements.


Built to Scale Collaborate across the Organization

Your organization has a unique set of needs, which is why it's important to align Cliq around what matters the most—communication.



Channels are your productivity hub within Cliq. Use channels for individual teams or across multiple teams, and be assured that all of you are on the same page.



Conduct open-house meetings and make company-wide announcements with PrimeTime, video broadcasting for teams. Connect face-to-face with your audience regardless of time and location.


Global Search

Messages, Contacts and Channels—you can find whatever you're looking for all in one search bar

Enterprise-Grade security

In today's online marketplace, your data is your number one asset. Cliq gives you more power to safe-guard your employees' accounts from security threats.

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  • Permissions

    Create roles, define permissions, and establish policies. Apply channel and integration-level permissions for different user profiles within Cliq to ensure your employees use the software as you intend them to.

  • Password Policy

    Enforce standards for secure passwords. As an admin, you'll be able to mandate two-factor authentication for every login.

  • Restricted Access

    Allow your users to access Cliq only through specific IP addresses.

  • Mobile Management

    Secure your business data in Cliq by configuring EMM and app controls for your corporate devices.

More control over your data

Your enterprise chat app should make way for efficient collaboration. Easily view and handle your organization's data through your admin panel's dashboard.

  • Simplified data import and export

    Once you're done setting up Cliq, we've made importing or exporting your user data quick and easy.

    Data import and export
  • Archive Conversations

    Data archiving ensures that your discussions are preserved for future reference and accountability.

    Archive Conversations
  • Control Collaboration

    Set user restrictions for all channel types and at all levels with permissions. Specify who can add and remove participants, or send messages—ensuring that your teams collaborate effectively.

    Restricted Access


Have Cliq reflect your brand's theme and logo.


Module Controls

Choose from a list of modules we've laid out and tailor-make Cliq to suit your needs.


Custom Domain

Get Cliq accessible within your company by setting up a custom domain!



Set up prompt email and sound alerts, you don't need to worry about missing messages or calls anymore!

Customize Cliq your way

Modify Cliq to match your brand and reflect your organization's layout.

Organize workforce the smart way

You know your teams better than anyone. Set up Cliq based on your unique organizational structure using the admin panel.

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Supercharge your workflows

Centralize your existing apps and systems. With more than 50 extensions, flexible APIs, and a robust platform, you can easily integrate your other apps with Cliq.

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Always stay synced

Drive communication with your team from anywhere. Cliq syncs seamlessly across all your devices.

We've got your back

We've got your back

From on-boarding to fine-tuning Cliq, our support team is available to assist you.

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You’re in good company!

Brands that trust Zoho Cliq for workplace communication.

Zoho Cliq for workplace communication

With Zoho, your data is always secure.

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