Announcing Personal Inbox and more new features in Zoho TeamInbox

Zoho TeamInbox, a shared inbox solution, is designed to help teams manage emails and collaborate more easily. We've been continuously working to make your team email management more efficient, and we're pleased to present these new features and improvements that will help you get more out of Zoho TeamInbox.

Your Personal Inbox, right inside your shared workspace

Having different applications to manage team and personal inboxes can be a major inconvenience, so we're introducing Personal Inbox where you can connect your personal email account and manage them from Zoho TeamInbox. Your Personal Inbox will remain your private space. However, you can share specific emails with your teammates and collaborate with them on the shared thread.

Every team member can set up a Personal Inbox of their own. They can also create personal signatures, tags, rules, and response templates. These entities will also remain private and can only be accessed and managed by the individual.

Stay in sync with your emails via IMAP

We have now added IMAP connection to the multiple other ways you can connect your inbox. You can choose between POP and IMAP based on your needs, and use either to fetch older emails as well.

Your team emails in Zoho CRM

Keep your contacts' emails and their information in one place. The Zoho TeamInbox extension for Zoho CRM lets you manage threads, their assignments, and discussions. Any member who has access for the shared inbox in Zoho TeamInbox and the contact in Zoho CRM can view the related threads.

Note: This feature is currently in beta—write to us at for early access.

Stay connected with other applications

Zoho TeamInbox offers extensions for multiple other applications so you can access and manage the information of those applications right from your mailbox. Here are the new extensions we're introducing:

Zoho CRMView and manage contacts and deals from Zoho TeamInbox

View your contacts' Zoho CRM information and their activities from your mailbox. You can also create deals, notes, tasks, and events for a contact directly from Zoho TeamInbox.

Zoho Desk: Manage support tickets right from your inbox

Assign, respond, and track tickets to give your customers the best experience. Access tickets and perform activities in Zoho Desk without leaving your inbox.

Zoho Meeting: Create and attend meetings from Zoho TeamInbox

With the Zoho Meeting extension for Zoho TeamInbox, you can access all the meeting tools without leaving your inbox. Create new meetings and manage scheduled meetings from Zoho TeamInbox.

Zoho Recruit: Manage candidates without leaving your inbox

Add candidates directly to Zoho Recruit when you receive their emails or review their attached resumes.

Note that eWidgets are at beta, please write to for early access.

Export and import team emails

You can now export emails from your shared inbox as zipped EML files and import emails to your shared inboxes from PST or EML files.

Zoho TeamInbox pricing plans

While launching Zoho TeamInbox in August of 2020, we extended an introductory offer to our customers. We are now introducing our new pricing plans, which will be effective from today (Feb 2, 2022). However, if our current users want to remain in the introductory plan, they can choose to do so too. You can find the details about this pricing change here.

From day one, our journey with Zoho TeamInbox has been fulfilling and successful, and we are grateful to our customers for their support. We have done our best to implement all customer feedback and feature requests, and will continue to do so. Try out our new features and keep sending your feedback so we can continue improving your Zoho TeamInbox experience!


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