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Recruitment on autopilotAutomation might be the best tool in a recruiter’s tool box for streamlining their recruitment process, sourcing the best candidates, providing great candidate experience, and making retention-focused hires.

Recruitment is not a one-way street anymore. Both the candidates and the company play an important role in the decision-making process, and it’s important that companies put their best foot forward to stay ahead of the competition and show talented job seekers that they are a great place to work. The best way to do this is to free up your recruiters’ time by automating menial tasks so that they can focus on lucrative work like building human connections and solving complex recruitment problems that rely on their HR expertise. Automation can also help diversify your workforce by eliminating bias, reducing human error, and decreasing time to hire.

Learn how Zoho Recruit’s automation system works

Let’s see how automation benefits each stage of the recruitment process:


Sourcing is the outreach you do to connect with potential candidates. Generally, it involves posting jobs on various job boards, collecting resumes from multiple job sites, using social media to advertise openings, and gathering employee referrals. Without automation, a recruiter would have to search through applicants manually to determine their legitimacy, or they may use Boolean searches to try and find talent. Unfortunately, both of these options increase your time to hire and have the potential to damage the quality of your talent acquisition process.

Automation allows you to post jobs once and publish them on a variety of job boards automatically. You can also use source boosters that target key words to quickly find candidates with the skills and qualifications you want. With a candidate database that automatically consolidates applicant data, you can also filter through resumes much faster. Zoho Recruit’s sourcing technology, for example, allows you to organize all the resumes you receive from LinkedIn, Google jobs, Facebook jobs, and even employee referrals in one place to make it easier for you to track and manage them.

We also use analytics with sourcing summaries that help you make informed choices about where you can source top quality candidates for every job opening.

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Building a talent pipeline

Recruiters source hundreds of resumes and only one of the candidates may land the job, but that doesn’t mean that the other candidates will not be needed for future job openings. It’s impossible to keep track of all these resumes in a computer file, let alone track which stage each associated candidate is at in the hiring process.

Automation makes sure that you never lose candidate information and helps you build and nurture a talent pipeline with high quality candidates that you can reach out to first for future vacancies. It also automatically updates candidate profiles based on the status of their application.

see how you can use Zoho Recruit to create a talent pipeline

Resume parsing

Going through a pile of resumes is one of the most time-consuming parts of the recruitment process. Given that most resumes that recruiters receive are irrelevant, it’s not very fruitful either.

Resume parsing tools can screen a huge volume of resumes and automatically sort them into categories. Then, all you need to do is search for specific skills or qualifications, and you can access a pool of resumes that matches your keyword.

Zoho Recruit’s applicant tracking system can also help you track the candidate’s entire journey by syncing emails, calendars, and follow-up details. This allows you to reduce the time you spend communicating with candidates or stakeholders and stay more organized.

Learn how Zoho Recruit’s resume parser works


It’s always smarter to filter resumes so you have fewer candidates to interview. But without an automation tool, this might still involve calling candidates to assess skills, qualifications, or culture fit, or sending out assessments via email with no simple way to gather the results. For any recruiter looking to hire for retention, these processes are too slow to keep up with the pace today’s job seekers move at.

By sending the applicants automated pre-screening assessments, you can gather data and filter through the candidates that are most suitable for the role right from one place. Zoho Recruit also ranks candidates so that you know which individuals to contact first.

Know more about Zoho Recruit’s pre-screening assessments

Candidate communication

The most important part of recruitment is communicating with the candidate. This is where you make the first impression about your company and show how you are different from your competitors. Automating process-oriented tasks can give you more time for building stronger candidate relationships.

It’s very time-consuming to draft email replies and answer calls about routine updates, however. Instead, you can keep them engaged by sending automated emails to update them, but remind them how to get a hold of you personally if they have any more complex questions about the application process. You can also use automation to collect candidate feedback and send reject emails.

Zoho Recruit’s chatbot can even answer simple candidate questions in minutes, enhancing the candidate’s experience even further.


It takes a lot of back and forth communication to find a time where both the interviewer and interviewee are available. And interviews themselves come with additional tasks like scheduling events, sending reminders, and collecting feedback.

This can be automated by providing a platform where candidates can choose from your available time slots for the interview. Emails, schedule links, and reminders are instantly activated without any additional work on your end.  Zoho Recruit also allows you to collect feedback immediately after the interview so that it’s more accurate and no time is wasted in follow-ups.

Get to know about Zoho Recruit’s video interview feature

Background checks

Every single recruit has to undergo the background screening process. This process has a high room for error and can be very tedious and time-consuming.

Zoho Recruit’s integration with Checkr allows you to screen a high volume of resumes in a very short span of time. All you need to do export candidates to Checkr, and they will be sent back as soon as screening is over.

Know more about Zoho Recruit’s integration with Checkr

Signing the offer

Lastly, the recruitment process is not complete before the candidate signs your offer letter. Instead of manually typing the offer and waiting for the candidate to sign and send it back, choose from Zoho Recruit’s various templates and auto-generate offer letters with e-signatures.

Here’s how you can generate offer letters with Zoho Recruit

Is your company the right fit for recruitment automation?

If your average time to hire is above the benchmark for companies in your industry, you may want to look at ways to optimize your recruitment process. Some of the reasons for this delay could be that: 

  • Your recruiting metrics and data are dispersed across multiple tools

  • There is information loss that causes recruiters to re-contact candidates

  • There is no talent pool to reach out to

  • Your recruiters are overburdened with paperwork

All of these problems can be addressed efficiently with recruitment automation. It improves the consistency in your hiring process by facilitating transparency and collaboration between stakeholders. If you find yourself spending too much time on routine tasks to keep up with the current job market, or if you’re consistently missing out on top talent, then recruitment automation may be exactly what you need to ramp up your employer brand and keep candidates engaged.

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