Showcase your corporate culture with a custom careers site

Showcase corporate culture through careers siteWhat is corporate culture?

A company’s culture helps define the environment in which its people work. The core values of the organization, its vision, and the mission each employee is striving toward are all part of this. Culture isn’t just what people say it is. It is put into practice at every level of the workplace.

Most candidates now prioritize culture over their compensation because it has such a deep impact on their productivity, performance, and growth. It is also a key factor in employee retention and work-life balance. Culture is what humanizes the company, gives faces to names, tells the story, and gives a glimpse into the work environment behind the products or services it offers.

Careers Site: The display window for your employer brand

Candidates almost always do their research about a company they are applying for, and your website is where they’ll start. This is your greatest opportunity to give top candidates a strong reason to apply. One way to do this is by showcasing your corporate culture and all the benefits you have to offer new hires.

A careers site is a great space for this since that is where candidates will find your open roles. Whether it’s through visuals, your job descriptions, day-in-the-life videos, or clear buttons for your social media handles, give candidates more than just a run down of the jobs you’re offering. Advertise your company’s values, show that you welcome diversity, celebrate social and environmental consciousness, and highlight the learning and development opportunities candidates could benefit from if they are employed at your organization.

Keep in mind that, while it might be exciting to paint an exemplary picture of the organization, it’s crucial to remain authentic. People prefer to work with brands that they know and trust, so being transparent and sincere about any positivity or growth you advertise is key. There’s no use saying that you pride yourself on offering a great work-life balance to your people if that’s not actually a core value you’re upholding currently.

The right words, tonality, messaging, and even design all come together to reflect your organization’s culture accurately and generate genuine interest from job seekers.

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What to include on a careers page 

  • The organization’s story; talk about how and why the company started to interest and inspire both customers and candidates

  • The values, mission, and vision of the organization

  • Infographics of the company’s unique benefits

  • Showcase how the company nurtures learning and development by sharing about any events or workshops

  • A behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work in the organization; photos of the space, events, and employees

  • Work-life balance highlights, like flexible or hybrid work opportunities

  • Pictures of employee engagement events; encourage employees to create content that further amplifies the culture and values your company upholds

  • Publicly praise employees and show recognition for their work

  • Employee profiles that humanize the company and put a face to its products and services

  • A separate blog for employee resources where they can be nurtured through value-based content on topics like pay equity and teamwork, or even view employee success stories

Other areas that can reflect company culture

 Job descriptions – While these offers an introduction to the job role and company, it can also provide subtle cues about the company’s culture so that candidates can screen themselves and analyze if they will be a good fit before they apply.

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 Social Media – Online presence has become key for any organization. Social media is for more than just posting job openings. Sharing value-based content, employee recognition, and event photos wherever possible can give candidates a more accurate look at your company’s culture in a space that they frequent often. Simply reposting employee generated content can even go a long way in establishing a stronger culture and values.

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Closing thoughts

 Having a dedicated space that can highlight a company’s culture can be a great way to communicate with existing employees, potential recruits, and even your customers. It’s possible to shine a spotlight on culture through internal communication so you can rest assured that the candidates you attract to your careers site are genuinely interested in the work environment you’re offering them.

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