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People spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day, so it's worthwhile to align your recruitment strategy with candidates' mobile-centric behaviors. Through mobile recruitment, you can meet potential hires where they're at.

mobile recruitment

Here's why a mobile recruiting strategy is a must 

While desktops are what separates work from life, mobile phones are where your candidates will be whilst doing everything else. Plus, most job seekers are using their phones to scroll through job listings in their free time.

a) Your candidates are constantly on their phones

The digital-first generations are so tech savvy that older generations are spending most of their time keeping up. Many potential applicants get information through their phones, so you should be accessible through this channel.

b) It's faster, and frankly, better

Mobile recruiting is extremely convenient for both candidates and recruiters, as people can search for best fits, respond to messages, network, and even apply for roles on the go. When posting jobs, submitting applications, and sending responses goes quicker, the entire process is more agile.

linkedin recruitment

c) Social profiles are modern resumes

Mobile recruitment goes hand in hand with social media. LinkedIn has become a social hangout spot for professionals. With the ability to reach a vast amount of high-quality active and passive candidates using free job postings, there is no reason not to recruit through these platforms.

d) It's an easy way to reach passive candidates

A lot of candidates might not be looking for jobs actively, or they might just be casually browsing for potential opportunities. Moreover, some of the best talent is already employed. The best way to get the attention of these candidates is while they're using social media on their phones.

Here is how you create a mobile-friendly recruitment process 

Creating a mobile recruiting strategy only takes a little bit of effort when you already have a well-established recruitment process.

a) Make your career site responsive

When you create a career site with a responsive design, your website automatically adapts to your candidates' screens no matter the size of their phones or tablets. Just ensure that your content and design are simple enough for them to quickly go through the page on any device.

b) Keep communication mobile-friendly

The basic pillar of an efficient mobile recruiting strategy is mobile-friendly communication. Start texting and even WhatsApping your candidates for relevant outreach.

c) Keep JDs and applications short

Nobody wants to read a 500-word essay on their phones. Going mobile is all about being quick and efficient. Consider keeping your job descriptions and application processes concise so that they are more accessible on mobile.

d) Establish consistency in your employer brand

In order to really bring out your brand's personality, you need to establish consistency across all platforms and devices. Make sure that your brand collaterals—including font, colors, design, and tonality—are consistent across your website, text, and social media channels.

employer branding

e) Interview candidates virtually

Interviewing candidates virtually can help open new avenues and save you time, money, and effort. You can use this approach to recruit candidates outside of your work location and save what you would have normally spent on travel and accommodations.

Do more with mobile 

If you weren't convinced already, here are some more ways that mobile recruiting can elevate your recruitment process.

a) Build a strong talent pool

Mobile recruiting helps you establish a personal connection with potential candidates and really convey your company's mission and goals. You can directly reach out to candidates with intriguing opportunities and build a strong talent pool for now and the future.

b) Advertise better

With social media, you can run targeted ads to ensure that your job postings reach ideal talent. Moreover, you get the leeway of curating more creative job ads like digital banners and videos.

You could also explore new outreach avenues like running full-fledged SMS or WhatsApp campaigns.

c) Get more insights into your recruitment process

On top of conventional recruitment KPIs, you also get to measure the efficacy of your posts and ads on social media. This can give you incredible insights on how to continually improve your recruitment marketing strategies.

Mobile recruitment etiquette 

When your mobile recruitment process is up and running, here is some basic etiquette to follow:

  • Invest in a mobile-compatible ATS. If your candidates are on their phones, you need to be too.

  • Ensure that your candidates can view job postings and submit their applications through their mobile devices.

  • Verify that the entire application workflow can be completed on a single device. Having users switch between devices to complete the recruitment process is recipe for application drop-offs.

Zoho Recruit's mobile app 

We know how important it is for recruiters to be available for candidates. With Zoho Recruit's mobile app, you can step outside of the office without having to step away from work. The app, which is available for both Android and iOS, enables you to review candidate profiles, schedule interviews, and even virtually interview candidates.



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