Staffing talent from growing economies—like India

While some companies are focused on hiring within their own region, many others are looking to lay their footprint offshore. The main advantage is increased savings on time and costs and exposure to a highly qualified talent pool.

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Companies taking part in the trend of offshore hiring mostly have their sights set on developing countries with emerging markets. Since these locations are characterized by rapid industrialization and growth, their market size is huge, diverse, and has high purchasing power.

India is one such country that provides a large talent pool that is highly skilled.

Here's why India is a great place to find talent 


Salaries are calculated based on the countrry's cost of living and other regional economic factors. Most growing economies demand reasonable pay than developed countries. Moreover, hiring remotely means that companies save on operational costs.

Fluent in English

India is the largest English-speaking population in the world, owing to its English-medium education system. This exposure to the language enables Indian employees to quickly understand most accents and dialects, making communication a breeze.

Powerful educational background

India's education system is extensive, and most people consider a college degree to be a bare minimum before they step out into the corporate world. As a result, this talent pool is highly qualified and skilled.

Strong footing in tech

With candidates who have strong tech and analytical skills and incredible problem-solving prowess, India boasts one of the largest global IT forces. Moreover, its tech infrastructure is highly affordable, advanced, and up to date.

Highly adaptable

Indians have incredible cultural understanding, as they follow US pop culture through social media, sports, movies, and TV shows. In fact, Netflix has had unique release plans for the Indian audience, as it is one of the largest consumers of media and entertainment.

Nurture DE&I efforts

As a land of diverse cultures, traditions, and languages, hiring from India or other countries offshore naturally improves any company's DE&I efforts.

Here are some ideas on finding talent specifically from India 

Before you jump into recruiting talent offshore, you need to ensure that you are aware of that region's unique tax laws and employment laws.

Once you're ready to search for talent, you can:

- Use targeted job ads on LinkedIn.

- Partner with regional recruitment firms.

- Explore resumes on regional job boards like Naukri, Shine, Foundit, and Times Jobs.

India, the IT hub

IT: There's a reason why India is called the IT hub. India offers highly skilled talent and IT infrastructure at a very affordable price.

Indian government is very welcoming to foreign investors, especially for IT

The Special economic zones dedicated to IT/ITes sector is 61% of the total operational units and hosts upto 3,378 approved units. 

Indians access internet at a significantly lower cost

India has some of the cheapest data plans in the world. In India you can get 1 GB of mobile data at just $0.04 which is 33x less than what people pay in the US. 

The digital India initiative has been a game changer

The indian government launched a flagship program in July 2015 aiming to transform the country into a  digitally empowered society. The initative focussed on bridging the digital divide and connect the rural and urban populations, and enable access to essential government services, education, healthcare, and financial inclusion through the power of technology.

  • Expansion of broadband infrastructure by provideing access to high speed internet to all parts of the country including remote and rural areas

  • Digital centres to provide internet access in rural and remote areas

  • Digitization of government documents

  • Providing training for skill development for employability in IT and digital sector.

  • Promoting digital literacy

India is keen on upskilling

India boasts a lot of online courses and certifications from leading ed tech companies. India's market for e-learning is expected to grow upto $10 billion by next year.

Run operations 24/7

The biggest advantage of running your business offshore is that you can keep working no matter what the weather is around you. You can work with people in different time zones and with different calendars and ensure that the ship is constantly sailing even at times of economic crisis, political instability, market fluctuations or even disasters.

Wrapping up 

Staffing talent from growing economies like India presents numerous advantages for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions and access to a highly skilled workforce. With India's affordability, English fluency, strong educational background, tech prowess, cultural adaptability, and contribution to diversity efforts, it emerges as a prime destination for sourcing talent. Leveraging targeted recruitment strategies and understanding regional nuances can further enhance the hiring process.

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