Introducing the new and improved Zoho Sites!

Making your designing dreams a reality.

How many times have you been in a situation where you knew exactly what you wanted to say, but couldn’t find the right words to convey it? Well, that’s how designing a website can feel sometimes. With so many thoughts and ideas floating around your head, it’s hard to know where to start.

But this doesn’t need to be a problem anymore. With the updated Zoho Sites website builder, your website can be your canvas.

We have a new range of design features such as: 

Pre-built website sections

We understand that even when you have content at your disposal, presentation and design may be a challenge. Content is key, so if you’re struggling with design, we provide layouts and templates that can help you showcase it brilliantly.


Dynamic backgrounds

You can now add videos and parallax images to the background of your web pages. By placing compelling visual imagery behind static page content, you’ll offer website visitors an engaging and immersive browsing experience.

More page elements

Explore our new page elements, like content containers, icons, and dividers. These additions give you more creative tools for experimenting with page design.  Content containers allow you to organize and display your content in carousel, tabs, and accordion formats. Icons add visual appeal to your content. Dividers provide separation within a section.

Element editor

This update also expands the customizations available in the product. With pop-ups that appear whenever you add an element or section, your customizations will be quicker and more precise.

We would also like to welcome these new additions:

New UI

Our new UI is clutter-free, striking a balance between clean design and usability. You’ll be able to navigate within the builder easily.

Access restriction

You can make your website private, and restrict its visibility even within your organization. You can also publish websites solely for intranet usage.


In addition to the integration that we already have with Zoho CRM, we’re now integrated with Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho PageSense, and Zoho Campaigns. We’re even integrated with a third-party app, MailChimp.

What motivated us?

Our users were quite satisfied with the first version of Zoho Sites. They felt that the no-code builder was easy to use. The only drawback was the lack of customization options which restricted their creativity. We got down to work and built Zoho Sites from scratch. Keeping the user’s suggestions and current design trends in mind, we came up with features that would facilitate much more creative control.

We know it’s been a long time coming, but we would like you to know that your suggestions have helped us tremendously in developing this version of Zoho Sites. We hope you enjoy the new builder, and continue to provide your valuable feedback. It’s what brought us this far in the first place.

Click here to try out the new version of Zoho Sites.


21 Replies to Introducing the new and improved Zoho Sites!

  1. Hi how can i then switch from the my old website builder (zoho) to this new one? whilst keeping my pictures, pages etc. intact. Your suggestions would be very appreciated.

  2. Can you tell me if the much requested "multi language" feature is in the new version. Meaning that you can select , for example between Spanish and English?

  3. Uhm.. ...some awesome features lost in this version... - dynamic content - payment module - e-commerce why? when do you think to add again?

    1. Hello Maurizio, A revamped version of the dynamic content widget will be available down the line. As for the payment module and e-commerce, we have an all-new product for building an online store called Zoho Store. Check out

  4. Great updates. How do you turn all these features on? Need summary data on blog posts too..for example.- how many posts each Category has.? Be able to arrange Tags based on popularity. Calendar view of the posts Hopefully more upgrades are coming soon....

    1. Thanks Francisco! More updates are in the works for sure! In regards to the features, they are available in the new site builder by default. The number of posts for each category is displayed. Tags based on popularity and calendar views for posts are not available right now.

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