Give Your Website A Facelift : 5 Exciting New Features In Zoho Sites

A website is a unique space that is born out of your ideas. And it needs that constant update to stay contemporary and relevant to your visitors. That’s why even as we announced Zoho Sites free for our users last year, we have put significant efforts to bring in best of the features to it.

So check out this exciting list of features that we have added to Zoho Sites lately.


Import Your Blogs From WordPress and Blogger

Blog import will reduce the tedious task of copying blogs from WordPress or Blogger. If you have blog pages with these services, you can easily import the content from them to Zoho Sites. All you need to do is download the XML file from these sites and upload to your site hosted on Zoho Sites. Soon we will add more service providers to the list.

Search And Add Videos With Video Picker

Adding video to your website is now just a click away. Now you don’t have to go to YouTube or Vimeo in different tabs to search for videos. You don’t have to copy the embed codes either. Video picker widget helps you search and add videos from Youtube or Vimeo, without leaving your Zoho Sites builder.

Rebrand With Better Banner Slideshows

Slideshow is a powerful tool to showcase your brand on your website. Slideshow now has new attributes like banner presets, image resize, slider color and opacity control. They give you more power to design your banners the way you want.

Preserve Your Pages and Files In Trash

Trash preserves your deleted pages and files. They remain in your website unless you remove them from the trash. So in case you deleted files or pages by mistake, you can always retrieve them from the trash.

Create Your Own Audio Playlist

The audio widget allows you to upload audio files and create your playlist and host them with Zoho Sites.

We are going to add more features to Zoho Sites, starting with a few more by next week. Stay tuned, and you will hear from us in our Zoho Sites update. So try them out, give your website that little facelift with these new features again and give it a renewed look. And if you have any further queries or feedback write to us at


75 Replies to Give Your Website A Facelift : 5 Exciting New Features In Zoho Sites

  1. Wide screen borderless bootstrap type format needed immediately. Please help. Looks like you guys have been saying yes since March 2015' when is that release.? Need yesterday. Please advise. Thank you.

      1. Hi Would like to highlight 2/3 areas which needs improvements ASAP. (1) Wide screen themes needed ASAP (2) Include themes for building web directories (3) Have undo option (similar to Ctrl Z) in edit screen (4) Have confirm before delete

        1. Hi Shashidharan, Thanks for your feedback. We are working on new set of themes that will have wide content layout. I have also conveyed your other suggestions to our dev team. Cheers, Rahul

  2. Is there any reason you can't change the color of the website header on the home page and the caption under it? I would like to make it just a bit larger and change the color of the caption. Thanks Sandi

    1. Hi Sid, You can anytime change your domain to new one. It usually takes a few hours for the domain provider to update the new domain with your website. Hope this answers your query. If not, please write to us at Cheers, Rahul

  3. Hi, I have a wordpress site hosted by one of your competitors,notbad. Would I be able to use my wordpress site builder and not your Builder,if I were to migrate to the domain hosted by you? In terms of XML upload and not wp admin/content. Warm Regards- sos-ngo Pradeep

  4. Awesome feature additions. Thanks for the hard work. A feature request if I might be so bold. I'd love to have support for .ogg audio files, as I currently see only mp3s are supported in the new audio player. I won't touch .mp3s or use them for any thing due to their licensing, much as I won't touch any video or audio codecs that requires royalties or licensing for commercial usage. I imagine other business professionals would also prefer support for .ogg for the same line of reasoning. Thanks again for the new features and hard work! Keep it up :)

  5. Hi Rahul, I am the owner of the company so I did a little research about your services and responses from customer as if now I am happy seeing the efforts being put forward by your company however my question is that I have added my domain for emails to check initially and getting emails successfully but before subscribing to your company I want to check how well your web builder works so I have added my domain while setting up the email account but getting errors while syncing Zoho site "This domain already exist" this domain is registered with this email id only so I checked your online docs for self help but nothing worked so far. Hoping some positive response from you like others are getting. Thanks Daksh Kumar

    1. Hi there, Yes you can upload your own themes to create your website. Check out the themes option under settings. Cheers, Rahul

  6. Hi Mahesh, Glad you asked. As I have mentioned in the blog that you need to download the xml file from the source site and then upload the same file on Zoho Sites blog page. Click on 'Manage Blog' option in your blog page and you can upload the xml file there. Cheers, Rahul

  7. Zoho team its a great work but please add the feature of membership area like the one provide in their site. and also please add the link option for the images/photo in the photo gallery. and that will be excellent. better than paid version.

  8. Dear Zoho Team: I think your themes/templates are way behind Wix's. Nowadays all the new websites are using widescreen banner and boundary-less design. So any plan to launch new themes? Best regards, Li

  9. I love this website builder but I not familiar with the form. it use code? i see there is like a code. also have any tutorial for the form? I just want to customize myself. and please say you will set the reset button to turn it on or off because the reset button is not so urgent, so some user can turn it off :) if yes, would it take a time? maybe this month?

    1. Hi Sean, Thanks for your comment. You can in fact link the images to another source using link option on the right of the slideshow images. Please write to us at for further queries. Cheers, Rahul

        1. Hi Alexandre, Hover your mouse over banner, click the customize option. In the next window that opens, click on the button option and choose your link type in the dialogue box. Hope this helps. Cheers, Rahul

  10. Hello! Are there any multipager/onepager themes coming soon? Want to create a poduct specific homepage and the old themes are holding me back :/

    1. Hi Baroudi, Yes we are working on one pager themes and soon we will unveil them. Stay tuned and I will update you on this. Cheers, Rahul

  11. Hi Rahul, When can we expect some new & more modern themes? Would it be possible to get some in Beta, we really want to host our site on Zoho however the older themes are holding us back? Kind regards, NP

    1. Hi there, Don't hold yourself back. Our team is working on a list of modern themes and soon we will roll it out. Create your site with the existing themes for now as switching among different themes is pretty easy with Zoho Sites. And it does not affect your website's original layout. Stay tuned and you will hear the good news from us. Write to us at for further assistance. Cheers, Rahul

  12. Hi Zoho team, I bought the commerce add-on. When i try to add Pay-Pal account it does not show Indian Rupees in the Currency List. Please help. Regards, Anand

  13. Hi Rahul, Can I still edit my website after I publish it cause I want to add more pictures? And I wish that Zoho could add widgets for our website and Instagram Icon :) Thanks! I'll be waiting or your reply! :)

    1. Yes Noelle, You can edit your website as many times as you want. You just need to publish every time you make any changes. Soon you will be able to add Instagram widget to your website. Stay tuned and we will update you. For more queries, write to us at support@zohosites.comCheers, Rahul

  14. ZOHO a very good site builder, Thanks Zoho team. Please provide a membership platform in the website builder to engage a fans for our website.. eagerly waiting for the new update. Thanks once again.

    1. Thanks Manmasi, We are developing membership platform and will update you once we are ready to roll out. Cheers, Rahul

  15. Hi Rahul, How do i make this website of mine appear on Google Search when someone searches for Permanent Magnet Alternator, Organic Waste Composting, Solar Power and Bio Gas Rgds

    1. Hi Girish, You need to submit your website to Google or Bing so that they can index it first. Their algorithms crawl your website and index your pages. After being indexed, your website content comes into play. If the indexed webpages are relevant to the search queries that you have mentioned above, you have the chances of appearing on search results. To know more about how the Google search engine works, refer to For Bing please refer Should you have more questions, write to us at Cheers, Rahul

  16. I'm a big fan of Zoho but there is one thing I would like to know. I was wondering that is there any possible way out that I can customize everything according to my choice? I've even tried for this purpose and is good as compared. I can place photos on extreme left or right or wherever I want. Else Zoho is great so far. Thanks.

  17. 1. Is there an option of adding SSL to my website or will it be soon out? 2. Can you guys roll out a members area for websites. 3. Is there an option on how I can update my blogs using a tablet or phone?

    1. Hi Victor, - Yes there is an option to add SSL to your website. - We are working on the member area functionality and updates will be out soon. - Right now we don't have this option to update blogs on tablet or phone. Please write to us at for any queries or requests (SSL being one of them). Cheers, Rahul

    1. Hi Mandeep, From the usability point of view, we have not provided this option. Although every site you create on bigger screens are automatically optimized to look great on mobiles and tablets. For more queries please write to us at support@zohosites.comThanks, Rahul

  18. Would love to have more responsive themes with a bootstrap feel. We've been exploring moving the site to another service for that particular reason. We are ready to release a new update to our site and that is the most popular topic. My guess is I'm not the only one with this thought. Mobile Version you currently offer is not really the same and quite as impressive as bootstrap responsive styles. Just my 2 cents for what its worth. Otherwise, great job

  19. What exactly is the pricing plan for Zoho Sites. Since I have been a Zoho Sites users it appears to have changed twice. I'm not even sure anymore what my plan ($39 per year) buys and doesn't buy.

  20. I find Zoho Sites VERY easy to use and the mobile version works well for me also. One key missing item, which seems obvious and easy, is to make it easy to use Disqus Commenting for our blogs as opposed to the native commenting system? Is there any particular reason that was not considered right from the start with Zoho Sites? Note: Disqus works perfectly when embedded on a page within Zoho Sites. However, there is no easy way to make it work well with the blog feature. Thanks for all you folks do. I enjoy your CMS overall.

    1. Hi Vaibhav, Keeping ease to use in mind we have not enabled it right now. It seemed like a less viable option from the usability point of view. You would rather want to build your site on bigger screens which are automatically optimized to look great on mobile devices. For more queries write to us at support@zohosites.comCheers, Rahul

  21. I'm waiting the new themes, hopefully responsive ones!, maybe one with basics of Bootstrap!. And meaybe some way to use basic javascript and jquery; like toggle, etc. And other need, is the 'clone' option of a site. Thanks!

  22. Big fan of Zoho Corporation, but can we not use Google AdSense on a free site plan and have you guys take a percentage of the advertising revenue? The widget is already built costing little additional resources, it would drive more users to Zoho sites over other free competition, as they would be able to generate a channel of income at no cost. The big one, it would also provide you guys a revenue stream from otherwise 'free' users? Thanks

    1. Hi Sean, Thank you for your feedback. You can add Google AdSense in the websites built with Zoho Sites under free plan as long as they don't violate our terms of use. We don't charge anything in anyway for this particular service. Write to us at for more details. Cheers, Rahul

  23. I want to see the feature of changing the colors of table cells.I don't know if you are working on it.Keep up the good job.

  24. I feel very comfortable when using Zoho site. but there are a few features I think Zoho need to add additional convenience for users

    1. Hello There, Thank you for using Zoho Sites. Yes we are going to add more features and we are working on it. Soon you will hear from us about new updates. We are also going to augment the usability in coming months. If you have any suggestions, please write to us at support@zohosites.comCheers, Rahul

    1. Hi Bruce, Team is working on a list of new themes. We will update you soon. For now we are going to release a few follow up features. Cheers! Rahul

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