Zoho Assist: Unveiling New Customer Console and Two-way Screen Sharing for Mac ​Users!

The re-invention fervor of Zoho Assist is at full throttle. You may be aware that supporting from a Mac in Zoho Assist is no sweat since our browser-based Technician Console enables you to Reboot and Reconnect a Windows computer or even handle the User Access Control window. It’s fast and simple, to put it in short. Now, we have reached a couple of Mac OS-specific milestones, which we would like to share with you.

The debate on whether Java is dead or not is still not dead. But, Zoho Assist users need not rely on Java anymore to join a remote support session in Mac OS. Supporting Mac customers and guiding them to check if Java is enabled or not and if the Java version is up-to-date is indeed a pain.

Zoho Assist - Support Your Mac Users Hassle-free!

Hence, we are happy to unveil the Objective-C based Customer Console for Mac users, crafted for months by our lead developers of Zoho Assist. It will ensure a quick and easy remote support experience while you support Apple fans across the world.

This Customer Console is a light-weight application. It can quickly get downloaded and run on your customer’s Mac. It’s fast, intuitive, and in sync with the Mac UI standards. Overall, supporting your Mac customers will be a cakewalk. You can handle the session easily with your keyboard alone since we have made finer enhancements in keyboard control.

Imagine how simple it would be for your customers to join the session with multiple options available in Zoho Assist and how quickly you can jump into troubleshooting with Java dependency also being phased out!

Remote Support Only Grows by Sharing!

Jeff Garibay of Quick Impress had a situation. “I needed a tool that allows me to demonstrate to the clients on how to use their content management system. I wanted to dial-in remotely, see what they are seeing, and be able to walk through the whole process of any updates or support that they need.” He chose Zoho Assist as the solution because it helps him to demonstrate the steps by sharing his computer quickly to his customers.

Sharing your screen is available for Windows OS for quite some time in Zoho Assist. Now, it has come to Mac with a bang! All it requires is a single click on your Technician Console, a quick download, and your screen will get shared with your customer within seconds. Your customer can also initiate the swap screen request from his or her end. So, share your Mac desktop effortlessly and make your remote support sessions more productive.

Also, Zoho Assist home page went through a face lift recently. The new design is minimalistic with the primary objective of providing a clean and a focused interface. Hope you like it.

Feel free to share your feedback – be it bouquets or brickbats!


8 Replies to Zoho Assist: Unveiling New Customer Console and Two-way Screen Sharing for Mac ​Users!

  1. So, I understand that Unattended Access is not being worked on right now, but is there any way to connect with File Transfer to a MAC?

  2. So when can we expect Unattended Installers for Mac/OS X? That's a critical feature for the independent service provider & consulting market...

    1. Sorry. We don’t have any immediate plans to support Unattended Access for Mac computers. It may take sometime as currently we are focusing on enhancing the speed and quality of Remote Support in Mac.

  3. I like the unattended for my windows clients but I need it for mac clients also. If you could give a timeframe for that feature it would be helpful. Thanks again Mike

    1. Thanks for the interest Mike. But currently we don't have any immediate plans to support Unattended Access for Mac computers. We'll let you know if we take it up sometime later.

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