Extended Social Capabilities With Zoho Sites

The best websites are the ones that enable visitors to spread the good word easily and social networks usually do this the best. For businesses, social media has become one of the most powerful and cost effective instrument to instantly share information, and engage ever increasing online audience. The latest business tools must have such capabilities to network and interact with customers to bring them closer to your brand. Any modern website has this unavoidable need of being integrated with social networks for increased traffic, improved search ranking and better reach with reduced marketing expenses.


That’s why with our recent updates in Zoho Sites, we have automated the social sharing, to help you, our users, have extended and seamless interaction with social media audience.

Normal way of sharing or tweeting involves repetitive tasks that can be avoided with this feature. The easy share options allow you to have every update shared on Facebook and Twitter, with just a click. All you need is enable necessary permissions for Zoho Sites, to post on behalf of you or your business pages, for any updates on your web pages.

You can also configure your settings as per your preference like adding prefix or suffix to the shared contents, when and what to post on these networks, and whether to post via personal account or the business page itself. Your social contacts get notified for any update that you make on your website.

This automated social sharing feature will come handy when you want your friends and followers on social networks to stay updated with all your frequent updates on your website.


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