Your on-the-go Zoho apps are now FREE!

No matter what kind of business you run, most of the work is done from your mobile devices. Accessing customer information, creating follow-up tasks, accessing custom apps and submitting reports, all while on the go, has become critical to stay connected with your business.

No, we’re not exaggerating.

Recently, we hit 1,000,000 downloads for our Zoho apps (iOS and Android), and we’re glad to see that the number is rapidly increasing. With so many people embracing mobile apps for their businesses, we’ve decided to make the Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator mobile apps free for all customers, on any edition. Which means, you now have complete functionality (read and write access) to the mobile apps, irrespective of the edition. So, go ahead and start CRMing. Run your entire business with full access to custom apps from your smart phones.

free mobile app downloads for all users

That’s not all, some of our other products such as Zoho Vault, Zoho Mail and Zoho Campaigns have their mobile apps free as well.

Listen to what some of our customers have to say…

Wow great app and so easy to install – fab!! Four stars because would mean you got the business for me and I sat at home getting fat and rich – Nick Bird, Zoho CRM

Works great. Intuitive. Staying connected to our ZOHO CRM while we’re away from the office has really supercharged our sales process.  – Andy Coats, Zoho CRM

Excellent Online Database app!!! – Justin Chang, Zoho Creator

Of course, we have a long way to go. We’re listening to your feedback and constantly improving our mobile apps to make ​them better so that you can run your entire business on ​them.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your mobile app store and install Zoho apps now!

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63 Replies to Your on-the-go Zoho apps are now FREE!

  1. @Karthik, We do not have any immediate plans to have apps out for BB devices. You can access our Zoho CRM service via our mobile site( which is optimized for mobile browsers.

  2. After loading several contacts on the desktop, I can not access my contacts on Contact Manager on my smartphone.. Message says "Zoho CM has stopped." Android OS. Please advise. Thanks!

  3. @Les C, we are currently working on a complete revamp of our existing app which will include a total UI overhaul. Thank you for your support and wish us luck. @Colin, @Stuart, @Miles, @ Adrienne, @Jonas, @Glenn, @Marina We only recently discontinued support of our native app for BB devices. With more of our valuable users like you asking for it, we sure look into this and will re-visit the same. We will also have the app distributed in the Amazon store soon. In the interim, you will be able to access our mobile site( which is optimized for mobile browsers. @Gyg-lee, Please do send out an email to with your contact details and we will get back to you on the issue that you are facing. @Brenda, @Cleyton, @John, @Mohammed, We do have plans to have an app out for Windows Phones as yet. It will take us a bit to get there though. Do access out mobile site( in the interim. Thank you for your understanding. @David, We have the quotes module covered in our Android app. we will have this covered in the iOS platform as well soon. Do keep an eye out for our updates. With Regards, Rohan

  4. Any chance on refreshing the UI completely on mobile edition (and while youre on it) the desktop version also? Whilst the core of the software is very good at what it does, both interfaces are looking very dated against the competition especially the mobile version which looks rather VTech than hi-tech! It always more of a pleasure to do the laborious inputting when youre dealing with a nice interface. C'mon.......just do it!

  5. Please make compatible apps for Blackberry 10. This is still the only secure platform as recent security breaches of apple and google have proven!

  6. Hi Unfortunately the app doesn't work on iphone 6... After the Sign in, the Log out button is in the middle of the screen and it is impossible to use the app.. nice try, but useless !

  7. Thanks for doing this, now I remember why we never used it before: There is no way to do quotes from the app. Will that ever be added? Thanks, David

  8. I know a lot of people that would use this if they had it for Blackberry.....they have just released a new phone again I am running a Z30 with the rest of my sales team on BB waiting for your app.

  9. I second the request for Blackberry 10 users. If submit your Zoho Android app to Amazon's app world we can download the Android version from there. No need to create a native app (altho we'd love one). We can't download from Google Play, but do have android run time on our phones.

  10. It's nice that you are giving this away to all users, but what about working on the app itself for us users paying for the Enterprise version. I find it incomprehensible that you cannot find cases by going to the associated account. You should be able to see a list of all cases associated with another module.

  11. @Alfonso, There are no charges associated with activating the Zoho CRM mobile edition. It is absolutely FREE to download and to use. All you will have to do is to carry out the steps given below to start using the app. On the desktop site ( 1. Click Setup > Subscription Manager > Activate Users. 2. In the Activate Users page, click Edit and enable Zoho CRM Mobile Edition check box for the required account. If it is already checked, please uncheck and recheck it. 3. Click Save Go ahead and start CRMing.

  12. @Cooper, You will have to select the record(contact, lead) and scroll down to the 'Related information' section, where you will be able to assign a task to the record. Do send out an email to if you face any issues in doing so and we will get back to you.

  13. Hi, I bought the "My Zoho CRM" app for $1.99 from the marketplace on my windows phone. It's developped by GoldenEdgeApps.This worked perfect UNTILL YOU MADE THE APP FREE! Once that happend I had to re-activate the Zoho-CRM Mobile edition for myself as well as for my sales team. They have no issues with I-Phones or Android based devices. My windows phone however just shows me a blank page when launching the app. Did you change anything as to how outside developpers get acces? If so, please UNDO. Thx

  14. Hi Zoho team. A question. It is clear to me that Androis and iOS Apps are now free. But, ¿is there any cost associated to activate Zoho CRM Mobile Edition into a Zoho account? Thanks in advance. Alfonso

  15. Excellent! I have been using an Zoho Enterprise subscription for a few months now. Just regular Gmail Account. Then, I decided to sign up with Google apps business edition. I found Zoho CRM on the Google apps Market a Store. So, I clicked on the Zoho app and thought it would intertwine with my Zoho I've been using. Well, a whole new 14 day trial came up with the app. Now, how do I transfer my already paid monthly Zoho regular Gmail subscription and all it's data over to the Google apps Zoho 24 day trial period without having to make another purchase? Thanks

    1. Since you have created a two Zoho CRM account, one with your and another with your Google apps account, you need to follow the below step: 1. Close the Zoho CRM for Google apps 24 day trial account.       To do this, login to with your Google apps email address which has a 24 day trial period enabled. You will see an option to close it.   2. Once you close this account, login to with the @gmail address which has the Zoho regular Gmail subscription and then change the email address to the Google apps email address.  3. You are all set to login to Zoho CRM for Google apps with your Google apps email address.

  16. Man, have I been waiting for this - it seemed so idiotic to have the features there, but until now it was just for reading when the write access would cost 35 USD/month on Free edition. Can't wait to get the current work done and then try it out!

    1. We are sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with the app. We are constantly working on making our app robust. We would like to get an insight into the issues that you are facing. Do send out an email to elaborating the issues and we will get back to you.

  17. Hi, Read AND WRITE access to Zoho CRM mobile is just... wow! GREAAAAAAAAAT!!! Making my life better :) Thank you to the Team who worked on this development and who took the decision. Gilles

  18. Still waiting for the Windows Phone Apps, so now using the Office apps in Windows. If they bring them out sooner all the better and I would then look at Zoho again.

  19. Love ZOHO CRM on my desktop pc.... Add my name to list of people requesting ZOHO CRM for Windows cellphone! Thanks and God Bless...

  20. @everyone Thank you for taking the time to write to us and for sharing your feedback. @steve, @Ray, @girin, @David Sorry about the hiccups. Please carry out these steps. You will be able to access the app after doing so. On the desktop site ( 1. Click Setup > Subscription Manager > Activate Users. 2. In the Activate Users page, click Edit and enable Zoho CRM Mobile Edition check box for the required account. If it is already checked, please uncheck and recheck it. 3. Click Save @Povilas, @J, @Preston, @John Maslen @Abimanyu Bringing out an app for Windows is definitely on the cards. We do realize, and have been keeping an eye on the growing user base for Windows Phones. We will keep you posted when we have any news on that front. @Echo Pan We will have an optimized Zoho Mail version for iPad soon. @paul, @Shane, @Lorraine, @Shanna, @Rajeev Thank you for voicing out your concerns. We appreciate your invaluable feedback. Yes, we have been working on our apps and you can expect a major makeover on both the platforms (iOS and Android) in due course of time. We are bringing in added functionality, addressing reported issues and revamping the User Interface, all with our user's experience as the prime focus. Thank you for nudging us to do better. @Jason, @diego We do not have any immediate plans to have an app out for BB devices. You can access our mobile site( which is feature rich and compatible with the device's browsers. @Mr. Gilbert The security protocols still hold good. An admin will be able to restrict and provide access to their employees via the setup portal on the desktop site ( @All others Thank you very much for the kind words. Means a lot to all of us here.  Do send out any questions/feedback that you might have to We will be more than glad to hear from you and assist you.

  21. I once downloaded a CRM.ZOHO app for my ipad, but unfortunately it didn't have mail column. so I unloaded it. Then about half a month ago, my manager told me that he then can check mails from CRM.ZOHO app. Also, my another colleague found an app named ZOHO.MAIL from her apple store. I also want one such app. But unfortunately again, I use Nokia Windows phone, so I cannot get access to it. And I also cannot found ZOHO.MAIL app for my IPAD, but when I click for iPhone only, it appeared. To sum up, the problems I now have are: 1. No zoho app available for Windows phone; 2. I cannot download ZOHO.MAIL for my ipad. Hope someone from ZOHO development department can help me with this.

  22. May I send SMS from the iOS app? We send so many SMS to the clients that it's difficult to work with emails. We haven't started using zoho becuase it doesn't track SMS. What do you suggest?

  23. so, if this is so, then why the heck has my mobile access now been denied with: "you're not authorized to use the mobile ...." i'm really getting tired of this kind of thing...first we have to buy it, then it does not work, then it works and we get it free ...then it no longer works. geesh. herck of way to run a railroad. so how so i get the mobile app to work (again) steve

  24. Nice CRM! I really love it! I am in field sales. I use Zoho CRM about 7 month, free version, it nice, fast, Google Map integration and many many more. This morning I saw full acsess from my Android device - I really don`t trust my eyes - you are the best of the best! BR, from Russian Federation

  25. I installed the Android app, but it says that I'm not authorized to use it. I tried to add the mobile edition to my subscription, but that still has a price associated with it. Will that be changing soon?

  26. If the App wouldn't constantly crash this new offering and update would be very valuable to us subscribers. It's hard to get your sales team to start using the new systems when they constantly crash and short out. Please work to make these issues stop asap, we have spent months getting to Kickoff our new system and processes only to be met with technical issues. It's very discouraging. I also think reps should be able to process sales orders on the app. I really hope these things are top priority for Zoho Corp.

  27. Hello, you say in your article that the application for zoho crm for mobile is free for all user. But i have an old entreprise edition and when i install this application, i have a message which say : "activation required sorry, you do not have permission to acces the zoho crm android application. Please contact your account administrator for any clarifications." Could you help me please ? thanks

  28. Did ZOHO take into account the proper security protocols to only allow those employees that are authorized to log into the mobile app to do so. For example today you can restrict employees from access zoho apps by IP address. A function found under the zoho mail settings. We do not wish for our employees to sit at home accessing our databases when they are not working. A reply would be appreciated. Mr. Gilbert Sambolin

  29. Hi, I've been using zoho for about 1.5 years with Advanced Depositions but now I can't access my account from my mobile phone. I used zoho all day yesterday via mobile no problems. What happened?

  30. hi Have you corrected the feature for the email opt out as it should only be for opting out of the email campaigns and not blocking people from even emailing them through the mobile application, which is terrible and should be CLEANED up!

  31. I really like the Zoho CRM app for iOS and use it frequently. However, it has not been updated in years. It's getting glitchy and less useful. When is an update coming?

  32. We use Blackberry!!! and miss the app so much on Blackberry World and running on our smartphones... Dont forget BB users!!!!!!! we are still alive!

  33. You can market it however you want but you will continue to see poor adoption of your service due to lack of proper mobile tools. My sales team is in the field and the tools you have for mobile are poorly thought out, and seem as if you rushed development to get something into the marketplace. I am considering a switch to salesforce at almost twice the price because of lack of mobile tools. Your apps must improve, embrace mobile or lose customers

  34. Why there is still no app for Windows store??? Windows Phone users are not so rare anymore. Moreover! Windows store is for Windows 8 tablets also, so the Win platform support is a must.

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