5 New Features in Zoho Sites You Can't Miss

Well, these are in continuation with the new features that we have been adding in Zoho Sites for past few months. We’ve made those little touches, reworked on the existing and added new features to make your website building experience a breeze. The pursuit continues with these major features that we have introduced in Zoho Sites this time.


Online Store with Commerce
Online retail has grown massive in recent times. People have started buying online more than ever. Your website must have this capability if you are in the business of selling. With Commerce, Zoho Sites helps you create your online store, enlist products, get easy payments and keep business on, 24×7. Now your customers can buy from you on-the-go anytime, from anywhere!

Updates Preserved as Page Versions
You make frequent updates to your website, not just while creating it but also after you have published it live. Page Versions maintains the database of edited pages as versions every time you publish your website. This helps you revisit or switch to earlier page updates that you like better.

Interactive Web Pages with Comment Box
Besides Forms and Blog, Comment box is an addition as an interactive feature that lets your visitors open up and give their constructive feedback, thereby letting you improve your website and business. Not just that, moderation and email notification help you manage the comments real time.

Visual Appeal with Photo Gallery, Slideshow
A good design with pretty visuals take the first attention of your audience. Photo Galleries, Slideshows are the new additions that help you display your web content, business and brand in style, with attractive layouts and animations.

Highlight Box
Some web content that you want to be noticeable can be highlighted with striking background color and frames using Highlight Box.

And that’s not all! We have made those changes in existing features too. If you are an existing Zoho Sites user, we would love to hear from you about your experiences with all new features. If not, give it try and create your own online space.


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