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Zoho Projects 4.0 is keeping our developers busy working on some amazing stuff. While rest of us get to see the latest Projects News feed or the Task Details page interface shared with us in the team portal for feed backs.

The other day while working from home, I discovered few issues in Projects News feed interface and had to follow a sequence to share a feedback : Take a screenshot of the error, save it in a folder, login to Zoho Projects and upload the image files. In addition, syncing files with every machine be it a laptop or desktop was becoming very difficult across different computers.

That’s yesterday. Enter Dropbox integration in Zoho Projects, whether working from office or home all my files are now up-to-date and intact. I created a folder Projects 4.0 on Dropbox and synced this with Projects 4.0 folder of team portal. Now whenever I drop a file in my Dropbox account from home or work it is instantly shared through my Zoho Projects account with the team. I don’t have to manually upload files anymore and I am happy with the change.

Zoho Projects Dropbox Integration Zoho Projects Dropbox integration has made file sharing super simple for me. The best part is : once configured everything happens without any intervention, allowing me to focus on whatever I am working on. So now I can easily share files from anywhere and always have everything I need with total control. There is a structure, clarity and it’s uber cool.

Dropbox integration is available for all paid Enterprise and Premium customers of Zoho Projects. See Plans and Pricing. Also you can get to know more about this integration at Configure Dropbox in Zoho Projects

How about you? What are the benefits you find with the new Dropbox integration in Zoho Projects?

Let’s talk about it in the comments.


8 Replies to Share from Dropbox and simplify your work in Zoho

  1. Will it allow me to sync independent Dropbox folders for independent tasks within a project? e.g. If I have 5 tasks/worksites within a single project and I have 5 folders in Dropbox containing photos of each of those worksites, will I be able to assign each of those Dropbox folders to their respective tasks or is it not that granular?

  2. I like that you are integrating with Dropbox but how about folder structure? This would be much better with subfolder sync.

  3. this thing going to email me every time I upload a file? How can I upload a ton of files at once and prevent an all-out assault on my inbox?Where can I change the email settings for this?

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