Share files from Dropbox & Simplify Work in Zoho

Say goodbye to clunky email and hello to Dropbox. With the Zoho Projects Dropbox integration, sharing small to large project files with your team has become a snap. No matter where you are, your whole team is on the same page.

Turn any Folder into Workspace

Turn any of your folders on Dropbox into a shared project workspace in Zoho Projects for your teammates to view, edit and upload files. Instantly upload and share files with everyone in your projects at any time.

Instant File Sync from Dropbox

Worrying about which file is the latest is now a thing of the past. With this integration, sync your files instantly from Dropbox into Zoho Projects and vice versa. Rest assured your files always remain up-to-date in Zoho Projects.

Bring Files into Zoho in a Snap

Working on an important project with your co-workers? Bring as many files as you need from your Dropbox folder into the Zoho Projects documents area to quickly communicate and share crucial ideas with your teammates.

Access Files from Anywhere

Tired of searching for an important file from your email? That's yesterday. Zoho Projects provides a centralized area where any type of files from your Dropbox are kept up-to-date and intact no matter where you are and what time it is.