Zoho Meeting Latest Updates: Registration Moderation for webinars, Screen Sharing for meetings, Dial-in numbers for India, and HD recordings.

Spending lots of money on webinar promotion can boost registrations and consequently increase attendee numbers. But few of us ever consider the real number that determines the value of a webinar: the conversion rate. The more genuine leads you have in your webinar, the higher the possibilities for conversion. With Registration Moderation in Zoho Meeting, you can qualify and bring in the right leads to your webinar, potentially increasing your conversion rates. Learn about this and all the other new updates from Zoho Meeting.

 Zoho Meeting Latest Updates

Better conversions with Registration Moderation

Registration moderation lets you filter webinar registrants and allow only the leads you choose to attend your webinar. Identifying the right leads for your webinar starts with your registration form. Use custom registration forms to collect the data you need to select the right leads. You can then moderate your registrants — accept or decline their registrations — based on your analysis. Registration moderation can help you maximize conversions if you have too many registrants and only a limited number of webinar seats. It can also protect your webinar from spammers.

Dial-in numbers to join sessions from India

Poor internet connectivity, especially in remote locations, can deter you from attending important online sessions. Zoho Meeting provides an alternative option, allowing you to join meetings and webinars through your phone using dial-in numbers. Currently, there are 40+ local dial-in numbers and 25+ toll-free numbers to join meetings and webinars from different parts of the world. In response to customer requirements, Zoho Meeting is introducing dial-in numbers for five major Indian cities, along with a toll-free number for India. You can get the toll-free add-on (available for paid subscribers) and let participants join sessions for free from their phones, without relying on the internet.

Watch and share HD recordings

Recordings help anyone get firsthand information about a meeting or webinar they missed. You can now watch webinar and meeting recordings in HD quality, share them with your leads and colleagues, and download them for offline viewing. With paid subscriptions to Zoho Meeting, you can store 10 meeting recordings and 25 webinar recordings (per user) on the cloud. If you need extra storage space for your organization, you can get the Zoho Meeting recording add-on.

 Screen sharing for all, in online meetings

Participants in a meeting can now share screens whenever they want. They no longer need the approval of the presenter — simply click Share screen on the left pane of the meeting window to start sharing. However, a participant cannot share their screen without the presenter’s approval while the presenter’s screen is being shared in the meeting. This is an enhancement of the Make presenter feature in online meetings, which is no longer available. 

Audio icon to detect connectivity

Glitches in audio connectivity can cause participants to miss out on significant discussions, but they may go unnoticed by the presenter or other participants. Speakers in a meeting can now ensure that all participants can hear them before they speak, by checking the audio icon next to each participant’s name.

 Timezone list on webinar registration pages

Webinar registrants can now view the time of your webinar in any timezone they want, on the registration page. This will help people who travel across different time zones plan their schedule and attend your webinar wherever they are.  

Try these updates and let us know your feedback. Write to us at support@zohomeeting.com

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4 Replies to Zoho Meeting Latest Updates: Registration Moderation for webinars, Screen Sharing for meetings, Dial-in numbers for India, and HD recordings.

  1. Es increíble que Zoho Meeting no funcione (para los usuarios) en el Celular. ZOHO DEBES ENTENDER QUE LA TENDENCIA ES EL USO DE CELULARES, muy pocas personas usan la PC

    1. Hello Carlos, Thank you for your feedback. Although there a few limitations currently, Zoho Meeting provides iOS and android apps for meetings and webinars. Please download the apps with the links below: iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1277602149?pt=423641&ct=meeting_home_page&mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoho.meeting&referrer=utm_source%3Dmeeting_home_page&utm_medium=appbadge&utm_campaign=meeting_home_page While you can only join meetings from the android app, the iOS app lets you host and join both meetings and webinars. We’ll soon provide complete meeting and webinar support in our android app too. Hope you’ll try these out.

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