10 most popular Zoho Desk extensions of 2021

And it's a wrap! This year, we hit 200+ extensions for Zoho Desk on Zoho Marketplace to help you deliver exceptional customer service experiences every single time and build long-term customer relationships. Which were the most loved you ask? Here's a list of the top 10 most popular extensions for Zoho Desk in 2021.

  Zoho Sprints

Enable people to discuss, collaborate, and iterate on their products to achieve perfection. Submit work items to the relevant engineering team by mapping departments within Zoho Desk to related projects in Zoho Sprints.

   Parent Child Ticketing

Linking contextual tickets helps you keep track of progress and send prompt and consistent responses. Create a new child ticket or select an existing ticket to be linked to a parent ticket, link a parent ticket to a child, clone the contents of a ticket and link it to a parent ticket and more. 

  Zoho Survey

Gather the information you need to improve your customer service. Create surveys and send them out to your clientèle. Learn how your tech support engineers are performing, get ratings after each service request is closed, and keep improving.

  Print Tickets

A printer-friendly version of a customer ticket is ideal for field service agents who need a physical ticket or if you need to upload a ticket into another system. The Print Ticket extension for Zoho Desk allows you to print a printer-friendly copy of any ticket with or without private conversations.


Configure the agents and their corresponding 3CX extensions in Zoho Desk so that their answered and missed calls are added as activities in Zoho Desk. Displays the Zoho Desk contact record when you receive an inbound call, log all answered and missed calls as call activities, and more.

  Google Calendar

The Google Calendar extension for Zoho Desk lets you create calendars and events in Zoho Desk and sync them with Google Calendar. You can now schedule, edit, or cancel events in Google Calendar from Zoho Desk.

  Zoho Calendar

Keep track of your meetings, appointments, and other important dates. The Zoho Calendar extension for Zoho Desk allows you to add events to a ticket and set up email reminders to help you remember them.

  Customer Insights

The better you can understand your customers, the better you can build customer relationships. View key insights about your customers right next to their tickets. View the total number of open, on hold, and closed tickets for the contact, happiness score and more. 


Collaborate in real-time by initiating a remote access session with a single click directly from a Zoho Desk ticket. Share the session link through pre-configured email templates to get your clients on board. 

  MessageBird multichannel tickets

Receive tickets in Zoho Desk for every message from users and reply to them directly from Zoho Desk. Your replies are delivered as messages to the user in the respective platform. MessageBird supports SMS, Telegram, WeChat, Line, and more.

What tools are you using to communicate better with your customers? Drop them in the comments section below so we can work on integrating them into Zoho Desk.


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