200+ ways to deliver stellar customer service

Keeping your customers happy is the fundamental element of a successful business. Good customer service will generate satisfied customers, but going the extra mile will generate brand advocates and drive retention.

We are thrilled to announce that Zoho Marketplace now houses over 200 plug-and-play extensions for Zoho Desk to help you deliver exceptional customer service experiences every single time and build long-term customer relationships.

A day in the customer support department of Zillum Corp.

To see how you might put these extensions to work, we're going to turn to our fictional friends at Zillum Corp, a software company with happy customers all over the globe. They have a dedicated customer support team that provides contextual customer support with every interaction and ensures happy customers every day. Let's take a look at how they do it all right from their Zoho Desk interface.

Incoming ticket

It all starts with an incoming ticket. This ticket can be received through any channel and could be a pre-sales/post-sales query or even a general inquiry. Zillum has connected all their telephony and SMS support channels to Zoho Desk using RingCentral and Twilio, respectively.

Ticket routing

As soon as a ticket is created in Zoho Desk, it automatically gets routed to one of their agents with the help of the Ticket Assignment extension. It can also be routed to departments and teams based on email configuration and based on the automations that are in place.

Contextual details

Upon receiving the ticket, an agent uses the Freshbooks extension to look into the additional contexts and find if the customer has any pending payments/invoices/credit notes. They can also check the sales data to see the notes of potentials '/leads' numbers using the Hubspot extension. They can even collaborate with other teams or with another DRI to learn more context about the customer ticket through Slack.

Productivity hacks

Once the agent has a clear picture of the customer's issue, they will need productivity tools to respond promptly. This can be a translation tool such as Unbabel to send a reply in the customer's native language or an extension to set follow-up reminders and schedule tasks needed to resolve the ticket like Acuity Scheduling. They can even provide support in real time by initiating a remote access session using Teamviewer. 

Customer feedback

Once the ticket is resolved or the customer concern is addressed, the agent can set up workflows to automatically send Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys using AskNicely or feedback forms using Typeform.

Report and analysis

Lastly, the agent performs informative analysis on the entire lifecycle of the ticket, from creation to closure. They identify the root cause of any support inefficiencies and keep improving the process using report and analysis tools like Ticket Status Lifecycle or Ticket Insights.

From ticket inception to providing resolution to generating reports, Zillum saves a lot of time by not having to swap between different applications. This also lets them break their data silos. With enhanced agent productivity, they manage to keep improving their FCR and NPS scores, all from within Zoho Desk.

Now with 200+ extensions, Zoho Desk helps you deliver stellar customer service at all customer touchpoints and win customer loyalty every time. 


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