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Deliver stellar customer service and win customer loyalty with Zoho Desk. Here's a list of useful tools to ensure your support team delivers exceptional customer service experiences every single time and builds long-term customer relationships. The tools connect with Zoho Desk in a snap and are super simple to use. Break data silos without writing a single line of code.

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Support Channels

Connect all your incoming support lines with Zoho Desk to stay on top of all your conversations and deliver excellent customer experiences across channels.

Telephony Channels

Create tickets automatically while on calls and benefit from advanced call control features like screen pop-ups, click-to-call, and automatic call logging without leaving Zoho Desk. Your team will be prepared for every query with an overview of the customer's profile, conversation history, and prior issues.

RingCentralAmazon ConnectTwilio


Send and receive SMS/MMS messages right from Zoho Desk, with the full context of your tickets at hand. Get SMS messages from unknown contacts saved as new tickets.

PlivoBurst SMSTwilio SMS MMS Channel Tickets

Customer service emails

Connect your email tools to Zoho Desk to handle queries directly from Desk tickets. Give your support agents a snapshot of the customer profile and conversation history with every ticket so they can provide personalized customer support.


Social Media Channels

Improve customer satisfaction and fight churn by providing customers with quick and consistent support on all social platforms right from Zoho Desk.

MessageBirdBagAChatZoho Social

Contextual Collaboration

Connect departments in your organization and provide support agents with a unified platform. Improve team collaboration and grow as a unit.

Customer and Lead Data

Pull customer and lead data in a snap to easily tend to customers' questions and requests without spending time searching for your customer data.


eCommerce Support

Selling products online? Connect your eCommerce platforms to Zoho Desk and get updates if a customer modifies or cancels their order. Provide instant replies to inquiries right from Zoho Desk tickets.

ShopifyWoo CommerceMagento

Financial Management

Connect your financial management tools to Zoho Desk to easily track all the expenses incurred for a support case from within the ticket.


Remote Assistance

Collaborate in real time by initiating a remote access session with a single click directly from a Zoho Desk ticket. Share the session link through pre-configured email templates to get your clients on board. Enable instant and installation-free screen access.


Team Engagement

Discuss ticket issues together as a team and find resolutions quicker. Encourage teamwork by connecting Zoho Desk with effective collaboration tools.


Productivity Tools

Help your customer service team prioritize and organize tickets and achieve maximum productivity with a wide range of extensions.

Ticket Management

Resolve complex issues efficiently by linking contextual tickets and prioritizing them based on SLA, customer history, or even the value of a deal.

Ticket AssignmentsBookmarksChecklist

Scheduling and Reminders

View customer appointments booked as events in Zoho Desk. Have event changes automatically updated in Desk and send personalized appointment links right from your tickets.

CalendlyGoogle CalendarAcuity Scheduling

Multilingual Assistance

Connect language translation apps to Zoho Desk to translate and reply in your customers' native languages. Serve your customers better and empower your teams to break down language barriers.

UnbabelGoogle Translator

eSigning Extensions

Complete approvals and agreements, send documents, view their status, and even cancel sent documents without leaving Zoho Desk. Reduce the turnaround time for processing documents and provide glitch-free service to your customers.

Adobe SignDocuSignZoho Sign

Customer Success

Efficiently collect feedback to serve your customers promptly, improve customer satisfaction, and increase retention. Ensure your customers' opinions are heard and valued to build true advocates for your brand.

User Education and Onboarding

Collaborate over audio and video calls to give product demos, conduct training sessions, and create support experiences that drive retention.

GoToWebinarHippo VideoCloudApp

Feedback Management

Automatically trigger feedback requests and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys from Zoho Desk and respond to customer feedback right from the ticket.


Reviews and Ratings

Directly create tickets for comments and feedback your customers leave on external sites. View these alongside the rest of your tickets, and respond to them without leaving Zoho Desk. The ticket replies will be posted as replies on the corresponding platform.

Play StoreVimeoTrustpilot

Customer follow-up

Fight customer churn and increase product adoption by following up with your users. View key insights about your customers such as response and resolution times, happiness rating, and more right next to their tickets to optimize the customer experience.

Churn ZeroCustomer Insights

Help Desk Administration

Monitor incidents, collaborate on tickets, and improve processes to support your customers more quickly.

Reports and Analysis

Track ticket status and insights, and perform informative analysis on the whole lifecycle of the ticket, from creation to closure. Identify the root cause of your support inefficiencies and keep improving the process.

Ticket InsightsTicket Status LifecycleSalesloft

Data Management

Manage, store, and share your data securely from Zoho Desk. Migrate data to and from Zoho Desk and any other tools with ease. Ensure no data is lost or wrongly mapped, including custom fields.

EgnyteImport and ExportExport Tool

Project Management

Address customer issues by creating tasks right from Zoho Desk tickets. View task details such as due date, assignee status, and more alongside Zoho Desk tickets.


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