Introducing : Timetracking for your bugs

A typical work day of a team member in a software development team :

You’re a team member in charge of a performance module and currently working on few critical bugs that needs to be delivered for a customer before this weekend.

Here’s how you can effectively use Zoho BugTracker to organize and fix bugs fast :

  • Create a business rule with module as Performance and severity as Critical. All the bugs with this module name and severity gets automatically assigned to you in Zoho BugTracker
  • There needs to be a way to categorize these reported bugs. Our BugTracker allows you to easily categorize them as open, to be analyzed, to be tested and add more Custom Status using Status and Workflow option under Bug Settings
  • Once categorized you can Sort and View bugs based on due or created date in the Bugs View. You can create a new custom field called This Week and use Bulk Update option to select and update the bugs to be fixed for This Week and you’re done. Every day when you login you can see the bugs progress in the Feeds panel under In Progress view.
  • As the weekend approaches, you need to record the entire week’s efforts. For this, make use of Weekly timesheets to record the time spent to fix the bugs for this particular customer and of course you can also Generate Invoices using Zoho Invoice and follow for payments.
  • If you wish to notify your Boss you can do so by adding him or her as Follower to know what you have been working on.
  • Finally, if you want you can deactivate this business rule using Activate or Deactivate option under Business Rules.


A quick tip : The text highlighted with links are the new features rolled out as part of our latest update… 🙂

Try these features and let us know how it works for you as comments.


7 Replies to Introducing : Timetracking for your bugs

  1. I hope this time tracker prevents the bug that usually occurred in normal time trackers. It is interesting to see some new features this time. Thanks for sharing useful information with us.#...

  2. outdoorhub Thanks for the love... :-)

    We understand that it is difficult to calculate the actual working hours or days without skipping the weekends. Say Pete that the team has already started working on skip weekends option for tasks, milestones and will be rolled out in one of our immediate updates. Till then keep using Zoho Projects and don't hesitate to talk to us at if we can help with anything.

  3. @robbz:disqus We understand your needs and our developers have started working on this feature which might be rolled out in the subsequent update. Watch this space for an announcement... :-)

  4. Does this update add in the ability to ignore weekends for milestone date analysis (24 days left for example)? We don't work Saturday or Sunday, and the milestone days are always wrong. This is a serious problem because we can't see at a glance how many actual days we have left without recalculating manually to remove days for the weekends. I've made a formal request to Zoho already about this, but here is another. If it's not already part of the update mentioned above, please for the love of Pete add it! Thanks!!! Zoho has been great for us.

  5. At first sight: I cannot track the time for a bug the way i can do it in the tasks (click on start, click on stop). I can enter the time manually, but that is already possible since a few month :-)

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