At Zoho Projects, we aim to simplify every aspect of construction project management.

We'll help you weather construction challenges

Plan for the rainy days

  • Accommodate delays in procurement, deliveries, and approvals when scheduling jobs.
  • Build in extra time when setting up dependencies between tasks.
  • Reschedule or overlap tasks to fast-track project progress.
Plan for the rainy days

Keep your budget in check

  • Set a project budget to create base pricing and accurate quotes.
  • Choose your preferred billing method: staff or project hours.
  • Make smarter decisions by tracking spending in real time.
  • Calculate job costing by comparing the committed cost against the actual cost.
  • Receive alerts when the actual cost exceeds the planned budget.
Keep your budget in check

Level resources for maximum efficiency

  • Ensure workers with the right skills are available at the right time and location.
  • Identify patterns of worker availability for different shifts.
  • Reassign resources in response to impromptu requirements.
  • Avoid overworking and under-utilization of resources.
Level resources for maximum efficiency

Create a single source of truth

  • Store drawings, plans, quotes, and tender documents in the cloud for quick sharing.
  • Keep policy documents updated throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Make Health and Safety Commission reports and safety checklists available to all field workers.
  • Control access to sensitive data like bid documents, pricing, and propriety information.
  • Track document revision and compare changes to plans and drawings with version numbers.
  • Retrieve files easily with quick search.
Create a single source of truth

Get more value from your contracts

  • Add multiple parties to monitor the capacity and legality of contracts.
  • Define KPIs, metrics, risks, terms and conditions.
  • Draft clear escalation procedures in case of non-compliance.
  • Alert selected parties when the contract is violated.

Close the communication gap

  • Reduce the communications burden on managers.
  • Communicate directly with the workforce.
  • Make quick announcements and keep track of responses from workers.
  • Share plans, site photos, RFIs, and feedback in an instant.

Manage equipment

  • Add building resources and categorize them as equipment, machinery, or material.
  • Ensure that the right supplies are available for jobs by activating their usage.
  • Reduce human error by tracking the materials in the digital inventory system.

Improve clarity in your contracts with integration

Zoho CRM integration with Zoho Projects maps your construction contracts to relevant projects, ensuring transparency across stakeholders. With acquired clarity in legal and financial clauses among all functions, project delays and cost overruns can be avoided.

Improve clarity in your contracts with integration

Zoho Projects is for everyone

from operators to managers.

Bringing project managers, safety engineers, consultants, contractor administrators, cost planners, foremen, document controllers, and supervisors together in real time. We make collaboration seamless.

Zoho Projects is for everyone
  • Budget mgt.
  • Automation
  • Collaboration
  • Defect mgt.
  • Integrations
  • Mobile app

Budget management

Accurate budgeting could be the difference between a successful and incomplete project. Planning project costs is easier with our features.


Generates estimates and converts your timesheets into invoices for client billing

Budget forecasting

Forecasts cost accruals at the point of completion with current details

Earned value management

Helps control project costs by optimizing resources, budget, and time


We help you reap the benefits of automation in managing workflows and seeking approvals.


Routes documentation such as RFIs, invoices, change orders, and permits to the desired parties automatically


Automates contract handling with clearly defined problem-solving procedures


Alerts users of upcoming deadlines, end of contract period, or a change in the plan


Inspired by the most useful features of social media, we make working together easy and interesting.


Keeps you aware of updates from individuals involved in your project


Loops in experts for quick discussions and helps groups come to unanimous decisions


Encourages idea-sharing in teams and keeps workers in the know.

Defect management

Our issue management features help you catch defects earlier so that you don't have to spend on large revisions.

Custom email templates

Standardizes issue log with select fields for different stakeholders (e.g., supervisors, budget planners, subcontractors)


Enables recipients of defect notice to view and update issue status as issues are resolved

Business rules

Automatically triggers a predefined corrective workflow upon logging a defect


Get the added advantage of Zoho apps and other third-party apps.

Integrations Integrations

Mobile app

Construction project stakeholders work from boardrooms and fields. Our easy-to-use mobile app for iOS or Android lets you work on the go and manage projects from anywhere.

Responsive Responsive