Construction and Manufacturing

Construction Project Management

Construction management is a complicated process with many steps and tight schedules. Therefore, in order to accomplish all project-related goals in a timely, effective, and efficient manner, the right kind of project management tools are critical. A construction project management software provides a Work Log that brings the power of automation instead of requiring manual entry of the tasks that were accomplished each day. You can see a project schedule in the calendar view by day, week or month or check the status of tasks in Gantt view.

A site manager can accomplish his work by simply clicking on the Work Log section and filling in task details, including which sub-contractors showed up on the job site, how long those sub-contractors worked for, and what percentage of each task was completed. If a particular task was not started or needs to have a finish date adjusted, the schedule can be edited from within the tool. In addition, it keeps your team up-to-date on the latest invoice and payment status for every change order. Track invoice dates, as well as full and partial payment status.

For us, Zoho Projects is an excellent tool to manage projects and follow up operative tasks and meeting agreements. Easy to understand and to apply. In our opinion, Zoho Projects can be recommended without hesitation, both for business or personal use! - Hugo Sanchez Morales, DAG CONSULTORES

Key Business Benefits

  • Vital documents are never lost or misplaced and audit trails typically identify who modified a document.
  • Take into account the need to monitor suppliers and supply of materials received for construction work.
  • Fast tracking, scheduling and monitoring of construction design activities.
  • Conducting on-site inspections, documenting progress, and quickly assisting in issue resolution.
  • Maintain material status logs, which identify critical dates regarding the submittal and delivery of materials.
  • Supervise change orders, budgets, purchase orders, pay application, contracts and invoices.