What is project tracking?

Project tracking keeps you up to date on your actual progress so you can compare it with your planned progress. Progress can be measured in terms of money spent, tasks completed, resources used, or amount of time taken to complete certain stages of work.

Why is project tracking important?

Project tracking begins early in the project's planning stages and continues until the project's completion. The key benefit of a project tracking system is that it identifies variances from the project management plan. As it helps you monitor how your projects are progressing in real-time, project tracking can help you identify and correct potential problems quickly.

Why choose Zoho Projects as your Project Tracker?

Zoho Projects offers powerful, built-in tools like  time tracking, issue tracking, and project reporting to help you stay on time and within budget. It also tells you how much of the project has been completed to date and how much still needs to be completed. Zoho Projects keeps you informed and on track with your budget, resources, and issues.

Business benefits of project tracking software

  • Provides visibility into how your project is doing at all times.
  • Built-in reports present the information you need about open and closed tasks, expenses, and more.
  • Plan your project budget, generate invoices, record expenses, and follow your client payments, all from the same platform.
  • Stay up to date on who does what, when, and for how long with resource utilization charts.
  • Bill your customer for time and materials based on the activity details logged in timesheets module.

Keep track of your work

Bill your customer for time and materials based on the activity details logged in timesheets module.

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Project tracking software - Zoho Projects
Project tracking system - Zoho Projects

Account for every hour

Use timesheets to log time, separate your billable and non-billable hours, and generate your client invoices directly from these entries.

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Stay on schedule

Built-in Gantt charts provide your project status at a glance, keeping you on top of ongoing projects, tasks on or behind schedule, task dependencies, and responsible persons.

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Best project tracking software - Zoho Projects
Project tracker software - Zoho Projects

Use the right resources

With the resource utilization chart you can easily balance the workload of your team and reassign tasks to avoid under or overworking your team members.

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