Get a clear picture of your progress.

Zoho's online Gantt chart is powerful, yet easy to use. It gives you a visual of the current status of your project and the milestones that lay ahead. It also shows you the dependencies between tasks, be it Finish to Start, Start to Start, Start to Finish or Finish to Finish. If your plans need to be changed, you can add tasks, edit existing ones, and set new dependencies right here. You can also print the chart or export as a PDF.

Don't miss a single detail.

Every detail of your project is clearly distinguished so nothing gets overlooked: milestones, tasklists, tasks, the percentage complete and incomplete , and dependencies all have their own color codes; the overdue items are highlighted in red. The columns corresponding to holidays and weekends are also marked out so that you don't miss them.

Andrew Lester,

"The Gantt chart gives clients a view they are used to interacting with. We recently completed a project that involved ourselves, the client, and six agencies. Zoho Projects proved to be an invaluable resource."

Need to reschedule? Just drag and drop.

Altering your plans becomes easier in a visual environment. Drag and drop the task bars to reschedule tasks, or drag from one task bar to another to set a dependency between the two. Edit tasks and milestones within the chart itself.

Different views for different needs.

The chart has different views that display the bars based on your project structure or the task start dates. Every detail of the task, including percentage complete, duration, start date, end date, and owner, is shown right here.

Edit dependencies without leaving the chart.

Hovering over the task name gives you more information like the owner, start and ends dates, completion percentage and the dependency set. You can add new successors or predecessors, edit the existing ones and also adjust the time lag between the dependent tasks.