Gain Insights into Progress with Gantt Charts

Gantt charts provide a visual on the progress of your tasks in comparison to what was planned. You can assess how long a project will take to complete and prioritize the order in which tasks are to be carried out. Online Project Reports are easy-to-interpret, making them an ideal way of communicating the latest project information to everyone.

Get a Complete Picture of Progress

Gain deep insights about your project progress with visually appealing beautiful Gantt charts. Track how much time is spent on what tasks and for which clients in a project.

Gantt Views

The project tasks, task lists and milestones can be viewed in Milestone Chart or Chronology Chart. The Milestone Chart displays milestones, task lists and tasks based on hierarchy in the project. The Chronology Chart displays Gantt bars based on the order of the start date in the project.

View Project Progress in Different Colors

Get to identify the most critical tasks that are overdue, status of a task, completed tasks and so on in different colors. You can also quickly gain insights into how you can adjust your plans in a matter of few minutes. Milestones, Task lists, Tasks and holidays are displayed in different colors.

View task details

View other task details like Completed percentage, Duration, Start Date, End Date and Owner in the Gantt chart. You can also see the completed percentage of Milestone and Task list.

Adjust Your Schedule

Set dependencies, reschedule tasks, edit tasks and filter tasks, right on the Gantt chart. Drag and drop to adjust the schedule. You can also see the task details when you position the mouse over the Gantt bar.

View and Insert Tasks

You don't need to scroll to view the Gantt bar for a particular task. It's simple:  just position the mouse near the task name and click Bring bar into view to see the Gantt bar for that task.

Add new tasks

You can insert and assign a new task in the Gantt chart view. The new task or sub task inserted is always at the same task level.

Share Your Gantt Chart

You can now share your Gantt chart with anyone as a pdf file or print the Gantt report.

Resize Your Gantt Chart

Resize the panel width of the chart based on your choice. Plus, view additional task information such as completed percentage, start date, end date, etc.

Scale Your Gantt Chart

Rescale the size of the Gantt chart with the Fit and Max slider.

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