Driving Insights & Decision Making with Augmented Analytics

In today’s highly competitive market, the case for augmented analytics arises from the need to obtain business intelligence in real time. From an operational point of view, it enables automation of manual workflows that were highly tedious and error-prone. With respect to user experience, the bar for analytics consumption has got lower and users with even basic digital literacy, can explore and analyze data to the finest level possible.

However, that’s just the shiny side. Though AI augmentation has achieved a leap in efficiency with respect to analytics workflow automation, many business users are still miles behind in adopting the AI-powered enhancements. Overcoming the hurdles for adoption shall result in reduced time-to-insights to drive agile and timely decision-making, that shall open up a range of possible business benefits such as such as faster time-to-market, enhanced ROI, savings in cost etc.

We shall proceed to discuss further about the major challenges in each key area of AI augmentation with the example of how we at Zoho Analytics have handled them to empower business decision-making.


Natural Language Querying (NLQ)

Many users of NLQ are unsure about where to begin with. Even a trial-and-error approach might not help them with cracking NLQ. Also, the requirement of some basic syntax to operate NLQ in many products, has resulted in some people throwing up their hands and saying, “I cannot handle this”.

Zoho’s AI-powered conversational assistant, Ask Zia is built (and also continually enhanced) factoring all the above considerations. Our NLQ interface is among the easiest to work with, and we back this statement by quoting from KuppingerCole’s latest report:

 “.…Natural language query is also deployed, where questions are asked with short statements such as ‘show me sales’. Context is able to be maintained, so that a separate query ‘by product’ is added to the context of previous queries for a combined result”

Ask Zia in Zoho Analytics
Ask Zia in Zoho Analytics
Assisted (a) Automated Insights

The key challenge for the average data consumer here is the overloading of statistical jargon in the insights generated. Also, the volume of insights displayed (if it becomes too many and irrelevant too) can only make the ‘overloading’ feeling much worse.

We at Zoho Analytics, have developed Zia Insights that provides precise and actionable insights within the context of data visualizations. This time we are taking the help of our customer, to prove our point.

 “…..The Ask Zia and Zia Insights features are also cool…  From Zia insights, I get which agent is doing the most amount of business and who is doing the least, and I can give their manager an update along with actionable insights—like which specific salesperson has a better understanding of customers on the coast rather than the mountains. They can then assign that rep to take care of the coast specifically. These insights give a clear picture of the performance of all our sales reps, and we had this discovery within minutes because of Zia Insights.” – John Sheldon, Business Intelligence Manager, Renu Energy Solutions

Zia Insights in Zoho Analytics
Zia Insights in Zoho Analytics
AI-driven Modeling

Casual business users who aren’t familiar with statistical modeling might face an aversion or rather dissonance with data modelling and predictive analytics capabilities. For others, the lack of relevant, useful insights, might as well make them say – “see you never”.

 Zoho Analytics’ auto-modeling and predictive capabilities, notably AI Forecasting and What-if analysis, are designed for the ease of business users. Hear it straight from a customer who chose us for their unified business analytics solution –

What-if Analysis in Zoho Analytics
What-if Analysis in Zoho Analytics

“…We bring all data into one workspace and Zoho Analytics looks up the relationship between this data and creates reports and dashboards. Now, apart from departmental analytics, we can track ready-size deliveries where data comes from our SAP system and compare that with the existing backlog in our ERP, that too coming from SAP. On the other hand, we can look into our opportunities coming in from Salesforce and identify projects that are expected in the future. All this data can be integrated in one single monthly graph in different colors so a complete performance report for PREMO group, 12 months in the past and 12 months in the future, is ready within minutes…” – Claudio Cabeza, Business Development Director, PREMO Group

To be precise, Zoho Analytics’ AI augmented capabilities are designed and developed from the ground-up for self-service adoption by decision makers at all levels.

You can get started here to explore our product features. We do provide a Personalized Demo (click for registration here) to those who are interested. For further questions or clarifications, we can be reached at support@zohoanalytics.com


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