Create a cohesive user experience with embedded analytics

An effective embedded analytics solution is much more than cool data visualizations—offering a superior, cohesive experience should be its overall objective. Any user or adaptor of embedded analytics, be it an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Independent Business or Business Consultants, should consider various aspects, to achieve this objective.

Here are 3 key aspects to consider when designing this kind of embedded analytics experience, with examples of how Zoho Analytics handles them.

Tight integration

A tightly integrated embedded analytics solution should ensure that its users are intuitive participants in its workflow. Users should have a seamless experience, not just in terms of consistent branding and visual elements, but also in the ease of steps to drill-down insights.

APIs for Integration

Zoho Analytics offers a robust set of APIs to integrate visual exploration capabilities of analytics, customise look and feel to match the host application needs, support customizable action handling and much more. The APIs can also enable single sign-on authentication for a complete unified user experience.

User-friendly BI

An intuitive analytics solution helps users quickly find the answers they’re looking for. Designing such a solution is only possible by knowing how the experience looks and behave, in order to analyze and use the data available.

With this in mind, Zoho Analytics provides an easy-to-use drag and drop interface to create rich and interactive data visualizations for mining insights. Users can also ask questions in the language they speak and seek answers with Ask Zia, our AI-powered conversational analytics interface.

Upgrade and maintenance

An essential component of a seamless experience is continuously upgrading and scaling up the embedded analytics solution according to changing needs, to ensure hassle-free availability to users, regardless of their numbers.

Offered on the cloud as well as on-premise, Zoho Analytics scales easily to handle data of any size and variety. It also provides dedicated engineering and integration support to hand-hold customers during implementation and post-deployment maintenance.

The platform is continuously enhanced and up to date with the latest analytics capabilities, ensuring it remains a leader in the self-service BI and analytics space. We ensure that the cloud platform users continually get the latest upgrades with no disruption. In the case of on-premise, we enable complete control to our customers for seamless deployment of upgrades by their own plan.

 If you’re interested in knowing more about embedded analytics, and what Zoho Analytics offers, you can get started with our embedded analytics tool here.


2 Replies to Create a cohesive user experience with embedded analytics

  1. Over the years I'm analysing data,, I've tried Power BI,, Google Data studio,, but Zoho is different than all,, is easier,, friendly and doesn't needs multiple training sessions,, if you are aware will Excel,, SQL,, Query then nothing is impossible using Zoho,, but I would like to wish more samples for formula writting. Ask Zia is eXtraordinary,,need more to add on.

    1. Hi Rajesh, Thanks for writing to us. We value your inputs, which will be really helpful in our continuous upgrade and enhancement of our platform capabilities.

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