Defining Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics is defined as the integration of analytical capabilities to an existing web application or a software. The tight integration is achieved through the BI solution's single-sign-on (SSO) function, along with customizable UI elements and embedding capabilitites.

Source: Gartner research

Why businesses use embedded analytics

Embedded Analytics is one of the fastest growing software markets in the world and has proven to be the finest analytical asset that businesses can invest in. Building an analytics platform from scratch consumes a lot of time and becomes tedious, especially when the software provider doesn't have the expertise or resources to build an analytics tool internally. The ability to integrate with an existing application, while allowing the end users to easily access their reports and dashboards, serves immense value for businesses implementing the embedded analytics model.

Essential building blocks of embedded analytics

The Eight Essential Building Blocks of CRM - Zoho CRM

When to implement embedded analytics?

Whether you’re a small business looking for a place to store information and have it accessible across multiple devices, or you’re a large business wanting to manage customer interactions and focus on improving customer satisfaction, eventually you're going to need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software if your current process is unable to find solutions to these pressing problems.

Getting answers to the most basic questions

Ask yourself if you can get quick answers to the most basic questions like these - What's my number of customers and how many did we win/lose in the previous quarter? What was my revenue last month? Who closed the most deals?

Checking the entry of incorrect data

Bad decisions come from bad data. Failure to check the accuracy of data entering your system is a real cause of concern. Once you have a validation scheme with automated data entry, the inflow of incorrect information can be prevented before it causes you any trouble.

Connecting with customers and prospects

Customers can come from a variety of mediums—websites, social media, phone calls, etc.— and only a multi-channel communication system can bring them closer to your business and lets you cover all customer touch-points that are relevant to your selling process.

Personalizing marketing efforts

Your marketing endeavours can simply go down the drain if your methods are not attracting prospects to try out your service. Tasks like sending out promotions, newsletters, etc. can be personalized to ensure that it connects with every customer on a personal level.

Bringing teams together

When every team is an island of their own, it becomes a massive bottleneck for any organization to grow. Real-time customer information cannot be shared across teams which in turn affects the way you serve your customer needs.


Who uses embedded analytics?

Customer relationship management systems can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of any business type and size. Start-ups, large enterprises, and verticals like real-estate, healthcare, insurance, legal, media, restaurants, travel, banking, tax, freelancers, and non-profits all use a customer relationship management software for increasing their sales, marketing, and customer support efforts.


From managing an account's contact information to staying up to date with business deals, payments, and reports, B2B companies do best with a sales CRM in place. It helps them create a common platform to keep their partners, vendors, and other stakeholders of their business in sync with each other.


B2C companies have shorter customer life cycles, and they typically require a solution that is more direct and less time-consuming. A multi-channel CRM tool with features like lead management, sending out instant surveys, marketing automation, etc. helps B2Cs reach out to their customers more easily.


SMBs aren't small and medium businesses but smart and modern businesses. There's no truth to the common misconception that cloud CRM is too expensive and complicated for SMBs. They can always start their CRM journey with a free CRM software. By being a great technological leveller, small business CRM systems provide small business CRM systems provide SMBs with a level playing field and the ability to compete against the bigger players in their industry.


With advanced CRM features like workflow management, advanced analytics, territory management, sales and marketing automation,  enterprise CRM software can help reduce the time salespeople spend on mundane tasks, have more time to concentrate on their customers and unify their operations across multiple geographic locations.




Easy setup


Big data analytics


Informed decision




Focus on core business


Mobile app


Domain specific
business insights


service updates






Interactive reporting


SLA compliance

* Growth metrics reported by Zoho CRM customers in an internal survey.

With embedded analytics you get,


Improvement in
lead conversion rates.


Revenue increase
per salesperson.


Improvement in
customer retention.


sales cycles


Decreased sales and
marketing costs.


Get more leads, track your pipeline, and close more deals faster.

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Key features of embedded analytics software

Connect to any data source

With your data collected and accumulated on your platform, Zoho Analytics allows you to connect data from various sources, be it cloud or in-house. Analyze data from files, feeds, databases, cloud drives, popular business apps and native apps. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you have the option to schedule the data import and automate the whole process.
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Data blending

With the leverage of connecting various data sources in Zoho Analytics, you can combine data from multiple sources into a functioning dataset for analytics. All this comes in a matter of clicks. For developers, who prefer to play around with advanced data blending methods, Zoho Analytics supports SQL queries and custom Query Tables for filtering, joining, and batching datasets, transforming data, applying SQL query functions, and more.
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CRM Contact Management - Zoho CRM

Elegant interactive visual analysis

Data visualization is the crux of analytics. Whether the data siza is in millions or billions, visualization is the way the customers consume data and gain insight from it. With the wide range of reporting components in Zoho Analytics, you can build and deliver any level of readable, elegant, comprehensive dashboards to your customers.
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Share and collaborate

Zoho Analytics offers an easy and effective way to collaborate workspaces with your customers and colleagues. Any user who you share your data, reports and, dashboards with can access them online, at any time. With fine-grained access control, you can set different levels of permissions, like read, write, and export. With the option to create groups and variables, managing users is refreshingly uncomplicated.
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Highly secure

We take data security seriously. We know you and your cliends need to secure sensitive data and meet certain compliance and regulatory requirements. Governed by Zoho's strong security practices, redundancies, backups, and encrypted connections ensurethat your data is secure and safe.
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CRM Email Management Software - Zoho CRM

Quick insights from big data

In this day and age, data is constantly being collected, regardless of activity or industry. You may need to deliverr insights in minute levels of granularity to your customers, focusing on big data, all behind the scens. Zoho Analytics combines the latest database technology with an efficient analytics engine that can crunch hundreds of millions of records and deliver insights in seconds.
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Marketing automation

Often companies find themselves wasting their marketing budget due to poor planning and the failure to identify the real target audience for their brand. A disconnect between sales and marketing teams can hamper these efforts. With a Marketing CRM with built-in marketing automation and campaign management features, you can generate new leads, execute targeted email marketing campaigns, compare ad spending to sales revenue, and ultimately get the maximum ROI on your marketing spend.
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There is never a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to implementing a CRM platform for your business. If there is any business software solution on the market that can be truly customized to the way your business works, it has to be a CRM system. You can customize your CRM with custom functions, buttons, modules, fields, and layouts, or even build a CRM entirely from scratch with offerings unique to your business vertical.
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Mobile CRM

At a time when global mobile usage has overtaken desktops, it is vital that your CRM system allows your workforce to go completely mobile. Mobile CRM helps sales reps close more deals on the go. It allows managers to add and update data when they shuttle between multiple business appointments, and even when they are offline. Trade shows, business meetings, networking events, both in flight and on the road, mobile CRM apps help you be business-ready no matter where your business takes you.
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