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latest feature updates

Data integration

New connectors

  • Cloud databases:

    Greenplum, Vertica, SingleStore, DigitalOcean, Panoply, Google, BigQuery

  • Local databases:

    H2, CUBRID, SQLite, Apache Derby, InterSystems Cache, Claris FileMarker, IBM Informix, Actian Ingres, Teradata, Cosmos DB, and all ODBC-supported databases.

  • Business apps:

    Instagram Ads, Google Analytics 4, LiveAgent, Big Commerce, Jotform, Smartsheet, Mixpanel, and Klaviyo.

  • Cloud platforms:

    Azure Data Lake, Microsoft SharePoint

  • Greenplum


  • Big Commerce

    Big Commerce



  • Claris FileMaker

    Claris FileMaker

  • SingleStore


  • Cloud MongoDB

    Cloud MongoDB

  • HyperSQL


  • IBM Informix

    IBM Informix

Enhancements for connectors

Business apps: QuickBooks, Google Ads, Zoho Projects, Zoho Finance (multi-org support), Zoho Projects, and Zoho Recruit.

  • Google Ads

    Google Ads

  • Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects

  • Zoho Finance

    Zoho Finance

  • Zoho Recruit

    Zoho Recruit

  • QuickBooks


Auditing activities in business app connectors

All activities performed in a connector-configured workspace over the last 180 days can be audited now.

Auditing activities in business app connectors

Data synchronization

Enterprise plan users will be now able to synchronize their business app connectors’ data for every 1 hour. Data sync history for the last 45 days is now available in a calendar format. Data sync failures will be notified through in-app notifications or emails with appropriate reason/solution.

Data synchronization

Visual analysis

  • Live connectors
  • User filter enhancements
  • Duration data type
  • Chart enhancements
  • New chart types
  • Formulas supported in live connectors

    Geo visualization now supports latitude and longitude in the DMS format, and can identify alpha-2 and alpha-3 codes as geo data. Now display images as part of the KPI widgets on your dashboard. Also hide empty columns in pivot and summary views.

    Formulas supported in live connectors
  • User filter enhancements

    Zoho Analytics now supports Time Slicer, which allows dynamic filtering with a different section for each date element, such as year, quarter, month, week, date, and hour. Define preset/predefined filters for dashboards by combining multiple user filters.

    User filter enhancements
  • Introducing the duration data type

    Duration is now a data type option. This opens up a whole new category of time-based data analytics.

    Introducing the duration data type
  • Chart enhancements

    Geo visualization now supports latitude and longitude in the DMS format, and can identify alpha-2 and alpha-3 codes as geo data. Now display images as part of the KPI widgets on your dashboard. Also hide empty columns in pivot and summary views.

    Chart enhancements
  • New chart types

    Zoho Analytics now supports Tree Map that helps to explore data hierarchically with ease and uncover trends with precision.

    Chart enhancements

Augmented analytics

Ask Zia enhancements

Ask Zia now auto suggests follow-up questions over your current question. NowAsk Zia can also be embedded as a private link in your application. You can now drag and drop these Ask Zia generated reports into dashboards with ease.

AskZia enhancements

Zia Insights enhancements

Predictive narration is now part of medium- and high-verbosity narratives in Zia Insights. Zia Insights now offers actionable insights in Spanish, too. Also, the Explain Data feature provides information related to the selected data point in the report.

Zia Insights enhancements

What-If Analysis enhancements

Zoho Analytics allows you to apply What-If Analysis specifically to forecasted data alone, rather than applying it to the entire report as before.

What-If Analysis enhancements

Data storytelling

  • Tableau reports
  • Enhancements
  • Tableau reports in portals

    Embed reports from the Tableau BI application to create unified portals suited to an organization’s business needs.

    Tableau reports in portals
  • Enhancements to analytics portal

    Analytics portals now support page hierarchy up to a maximum of three levels. Define fine-grained view permissions for each user or user group in an analytics portal. Also users can now get a 15-day trial for Analytics Portal.

    Enhancements to analytics portal

Other platform capabilities

  • ChatGPT integration

    Zoho Analytics’ seamless ChatGPT integration saves time on writing formulas, queries, and searching public datasets. Also boosts Ask Zia’s NLP training

    • Analytics logo

      Zoho Analytics

    • ChatGPT logo


  • Support for Zoho Cliq

    Integration between Zoho Cliq and Zoho Analytics enables easier collaboration amongst users in an organization.

    • Analytics logo

      Zoho Analytics

    • Cliq logo

      Zoho Cliq

  • HIPAA compliance

    Zoho Analytics now offers specific features to use our platform in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

    HIPAA compliance
  • API enhancements

    A comprehensive set of new APIs (2.3.0) are now available. We've also introduced the option to audit API call logs. An insightful API log analytics dashboard is also available now.

    API call audit log
  • Ask Zia as Alexa skill

    Get valuable data insights with voice-controlled interactions through Ask Zia skill in Alexa. Use simple voice commands to transform spoken inquiries into actionable, data-driven responses.

    Zia - Alexa
  • Enhancements for mobile apps

    Converse with Zia from your mobile devices. Comment and collaborate right within Zoho Analytics mobile app. The 'Zoho Analytics - Dashboard app' now supports new chart types, Zia Insights, and a featured sample gallery.

We continuously upgrade our features to empower your analytics journey

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Latest Recognition

  • Gartner Logo

    Zoho Analytics ranked in 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and BI Platforms

  • Barc Logo

    Zoho Analytics recognized as a Leader for Cloud BI, Embedded Analytics, and Mobile BI in BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 23

  • Dresner Logo

    Zoho Analytics is rated an Overall Leader for both customer experience and vendor credibility by Dresner Advisory Services

Hear from our customers

  • “The newly launched features of Zoho Analytics are top-notch. Zoho DataPrep allows me to cleanse the data that’s brought in automatically from Google Sheets. The Ask Zia and Zia Insights features are also cool”

    John Sheldon
    John Sheldon

    Business Intelligence Manager, Renu Energy Solutions.

  • “Zoho Analytics is a good platform with a different flavor. It's very lightweight, the pricing is a compelling factor, and Zia is a cool feature. It saves a lot of time for new analytics.”

    Ajit Pund
    Ajit Pund

    Chief Operating Officer, In2In Global

  • “Zoho Analytics gives us a superior edge over Power BI and Tableau, when it comes to the aesthetics of visualization. ‌Also, the latest features are a big step forward for an already robust Zoho Analytics platform.”

    Connor Nobert
    Connor Nobert

    Director of Analytics and Technology, Pulse LLC

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