File transfer

Intranets, Employees and Private Groups

Note: Currently, this feature is being revamped for perfection. It will be rolled out soon.

To be able to share data during a remote support session is of high significance. Over the span of a remote support session, the support personnel working on a remote PC may have to install a patch, software update or a small diagnostic program, send and receive documents, spreadsheets, images, logs from customers and so on, thus continuously exchanging data.

Zoho Assist’s built-in file transfer interface aptly complies with this data transfer requirement. Your support staff need not have to fiddle around with other 3rd party file transfer programs. 

There are no catches in terms of the size limits or file types. You can transfer files of any type and any size. There are no restrictions on the number of files you can transfer and all transfers are firewall/proxy transparent. Overall, absolutely no barriers to data exchange. 

Advantages of Built-in file transfer:

• Easy means to install patches, updates, send and receive files of various types.

• Unlimited file transfer without any restrictions.

• SSL/AES security encrypted data transmissions.

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