Analyze and extract meaningful insights from your database

Zoho Analytics supports a wide range of cloud services and databases (online, offline, RDBMS, No SQL). Connect your database with Zoho Analytics in minutes. Visualize your data easily using an intuitive drag and drop user interface and get meaningful insights.

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Analytics Database seamlessly
  • Cloud Service
  • On-Premise
    Amazon Redshift

    Connect to efficient analytics tool that matches the speed of data processing in Amazon Redshift.

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    Amazon Athena

    Serve the best business insights using serverless Amazon Athena data.

    Amazon RDS

    Connect your fully managed RDS data with self-service BI tool, Zoho Analytics.

    Google Cloud BigQuery

    BigQuery's ML and Zoho's Augmented Analytics can together deliver advanced analytics.

    Google Cloud SQL

    Analyze large scale Google Cloud SQL data, simpler and faster using Zoho Analytics.

    Microsoft Azure

    Interpret enterprise data in Azure to gain insights using Zoho Analytics.

    IBM Cloud

    Enrich your business decisions by visualizing your IBM Cloud data in minutes.


    Add value to your cloud deployments by analyzing data in your Rackspace-hosted databases.

    Oracle Cloud

    Securely analyze your data in Oracle Cloud with the award-winning, privacy-centric analytics tool.


    Unleash the full potential of your Snowflake data by setting up integration with Zoho Analytics.


    Data analytics made simple, quick, and easy by connecting Panoply with Zoho Analytics.

    MongoDB Atlas

    Make the data in MongoDB Atlas easily consumable and digestible for all using Zoho Analytics.

    Heroku PostgreSQL

    Heroku with Zoho Analytics provides you with a hassle free data analytics experience.


    Make the fullest use of your Singlestore data, by connecting and analyzing it with Zoho Analytics.


    Popular Analytics tool to visually analyze your data in the most popular database, MySQL.

    Microsoft SQL Server

    Your data in MS SQL will become visually appealing and meaningfully connected with Zoho Analytics.


    Provide multi spectral analysis to your Oracle database, a multi model data management system.


    Augmented Analytics lets you take smart decisions like you chose advanced RDBMS, PostgreSQL.

    Microsoft Access

    Elevate your organization with business insights connecting Microsoft Access with Zoho Analytics.

    Maria DB

    Give shape to your Maria DB data using Zoho Analytics by wide range of data visualization capabilities.


    Full focus on your code. We take care of data analysis.


    Unlock the crucial business insights by analyzing your Firebird data.

    SAP Hana

    Data analysis in Zoho Analytics is as quicker as you fetch data in SAP Hana.


    Upgrade your IoT automations to the next generation by taking actions using your SQLite data insights.


    Add more power to your Database with extensive predictive analytics functions.


    Extend your Business Intelligence capabilities and make smarter decisions by connecting Pervasive with Zoho Analytics.

    Progress OpenEdge

    Enhance the performance of apps deployed on Progress OpenEdge with Modern Analytics platform.

    IBM Informix

    Analyze the OLTP and IoT data in your self-managing Informix DB with self-service Analytics tool.


    Strategize your organization growth plans with in-depth analysis by connecting Zoho Analytics.


    Connect Cubrid with Zoho Analytics and see your data transforming into meaningful insights.


    Foster Business Intelligence across your organization by analyzing your Derby data using Zoho Analytics.


    Make data virtualization smoother by visually analyzing your Denode data in Zoho Analytics.


    Take progressive decisions by interpreting your H2 data with Advanced Analytics.


    Gain insights from your HyperSQL data faster than you think with intuitive drag and drop interface.


    Enjoy seamless data analytics experience by integrating your Greenplum database with Zoho Analytics.

Besides the available integration, Zoho Analytics supports all databases that run on JDBC/ODBC driver. You could seamlessly import data from JDBC/ODBC supported DB’s and visually analyze in Zoho Analytics.

Import Data

Zoho Databridge establishes a secure connection between your on-premises data source and Zoho Analytics server. Interpret data by keeping it where you want irrespective of your data source

Import Data Into Analytics Using Zoho Databridge

Live Connect

Setting up Live Connect will enable you to build live data visualizations by making direct queries to your database. Your data will not be stored in our servers.

Build Data Visualizations Without Importing Data

Connecting Your Database With Zoho Analytics helps you to stand out with

  • Secured Data transmission

    We respect your privacy and your data will always be safer in our hands.

  • Automated Data Sync

    You can fetch your data periodically by scheduling the data synchronization.

  • Encrypted Data Storage

    When comes to PII (Personally Identifiable Information), Zoho Analytics offers an option to store it as encrypted columns, adding an extra layer of data security.

  • Faster Analysis

    You can import data and create reports in minutes using Zoho Analytics. We have our own servers that provide you with faster data analyzing.

What Customers say

Zoho Analytics gives us a superior edge over Power BI and Tableau, when it comes to the aesthetics of visualization. ‌Also, the 5.0 features are a big step forward for an already robust Zoho Analytics platform. ‌With Zoho DataPrep, we're now looking to streamline our ETL processes and move towards a leaner ETL framework. We're very happy with Zoho’s capability.

Connor Nobert

Connor Nobert Director of Analytics and Technology, Pulse LLC

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I chose Zoho Analytics because of the interface and the robust features to handle our volumes of data quickly and efficiently. And also because it allowed for quick and efficient changes through the GUI.

Amy Milligan

Amy Milligan VP of Marketing & Business Analytics

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Zoho Analytics has tremendously influenced the speed of analysis. Tasks that once took 20 hours to complete has dropped to 5 hours.

Alexandra Nelson Ryan

Alexandra Nelson Ryan CTO of Evantec Corporation

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