Extract crucial business insights from your Panoply data.

Today, data analytics isn’t just a buzzword, but a necessity. It enables organizations to optimize their operations, uncover hidden opportunities, and make informed decisions.

Smart businesses that can extract valuable insights from their data are the ones who succeed and prosper. The real challenge for these businesses today, lies in managing, processing, and analyzing vast and complex datasets. This is where Panoply and Zoho Analytics can help.

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Extract crucial business insights

Panoply is a modern data warehouse that simplifies data management, making your data readily accessible and optimized for analysis. Its features include:

  • Data Integration

    Data Integration

    Connect your data sources with ease, without the hassle of manual ETL processes.

  • Scalability


    Grow your data infrastructure as your business grows, accommodating large datasets without disruptions.

  • Data Security

    Data Security

    Rest easy with robust data security measures in place to protect your valuable data.

Zoho Analytics is a modern self-service BI and data analytics platform designed to help businesses of all sizes make data-driven decisions.

Here’s how Zoho Analytics can help with analyzing your data stored in Panoply.

  • Robust Data Visualization

    Robust Data Visualization

    Easily create interactive dashboards and reports to visualize data and gain insights at a glance.

  • Self-Service Analytics

    Self-Service Analytics

    Non-technical users can explore data, generate reports, and make data-driven decisions with minimal effort.

  • Flexible Integrations

    Flexible Integrations

    Seamlessly connect to various data sources like files, feeds, business applications, and data bases (both offline and online) including Panoply.

  • owerful Analytics

    Powerful Analytics

    Utilize advanced analytics like trendline, forecasting, and smart data alerts.

  • Collaboration


    Share your findings with colleagues and collaborate on decisions, all from within Zoho Analytics.

Here’s some examples of how businesses in various sectors can get benefited by using Panoply and Zoho Analytics together.

  • Retail

    Enhance inventory management, optimize pricing strategies, and improve customer experiences.

  • Healthcare

    Streamline patient care, manage medical records, and improve healthcare operations.

  • Finance

    Detect fraudulent activities, analyze market trends, and make informed investment decisions.

Panoply Benefit

Make informed, data-driven decisions today.

Zoho Analytics provides a variety of visualization options and robust analytical capabilities to unlock the full potential of your data stored in Panoply.

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